Odd thankgiving advertisements

I don’t eat much meat anymore, but this could end it for all time for some people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ermeaUMJBLQ

I frequent a wonderful bakery and am on their email list. The following picture was in the Thanksgiving email. http://www.flickr.com/photos/miztinastuff/4116920924/ Yeah, the baby is cute and all, but geez! What if the baby widdled?

Yeah, I know, they threw those rolls away, but the imagery is just…off.

:eek: Dear God in heaven, I hope they threw those rolls out!

I can’t see YouTube at work, but that second one is just weird.

I need to know who decided that all you needed to do to sell anything was to throw a picture of a baby in it. An apparently naked baby covered in food would not encourage me to buy the food. At least it’s not a talking baby.

Why didn’t the turkey run when he saw the farmer coming at him with the hatchet?

Oh… the inferior brand is even WORSE than decapitation.

I hate this commercial.

Turkey says: Kill me, stuff my body cavity with breadcrumbs and celery, bake me in an excruciatingly hot oven, but PLEASE don’t baste me with MSG broth!!!