Odd Things You Can't Do

You can have jello shooters, tequila shooters, lone shooters, and salad shooters, but not second-person shooters.

(“You! There! Use your plasma rifle to reduce that gibbering zombie to its constituent molecules!”)

You can have nominatives, accusatives, and genitives in a G-rated film, but not explicitives.

(I think genitives are far more obscene.)

You can have nominatives, accusatives, and genitives in a G-rated film, but not explicitives.

(I think genitives are far more obscene.)

-I only know what explicitives are!!:smack:

I just looked up nominatives…oh yeah

Don’t Diablo & MechCommander fall into that category?

Do they? I thought they were strategy games.

I thought that they were 3rd person…I don’t even know what a 2nd person would look like. Wait, isn’t that when they shoot at you?

I can’t step on the drain when the shower is running or when I’m taking a bath. But only then.

Second person view would be playing a game through looking at yourself from an enemy’s point of view. Or from another actor’s view who is not you. Fixed/floating camera angles are 3rd person. Diablo and MechCommander are 3rd person.

Nominatives are the subject of a sentence or a predicate nominative.

In the pattern ‘X sees Y’ or any other sentence pattern that denotes an action with a doer and a reciever, ‘X’ is the nominative.

The nominative in predicate nominatives follows the pattern ‘X is Y’ or any other pattern that equates two or more nouns. Both objects are nominative; X is the subject and Y is the predicate nominative.

Accusatives are direct objects–those that directly recieve the action. Sentences like ‘X hit Y’ and ‘X loves Y’ have X as the nominative and Y as the accusative. Y recieves the action and X is the doer of the action.

Genitives show relationships between nouns. In the pattern ‘X’s Y’, ‘X’ is the genitive and Y is that which is possessed.

If this confuses you, blame English’s mangling of its once-glorious case system.

A second person shooter would be you controlling your character from the view of an enemy… that would not be fun, especially if the enemy turned around and you couldn’t see yourself anymore!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but one thing I can’t do is whistle. (or, apparently, continue along the intended witty route of this thread. sorry.)

From National Lampoon, you can smoke beef and you can smoke hash but you can’t smoke corned beef hash.

I can’t see the images in three-D pictures. I was totally relating to that guy in Mallrats who lost it when he was trying to see them all day and everyone else was seeing them and being poopy about it. (And don’t bother giving me any helpful hints on how to see them - I’ve tried it all, and I am sure that there are no pictures, and you are all just having me on.)

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. WTF?

“In some company it’s perfectly all right to prick your finger, but very bad form to finger your prick.”

i can’t pump gasoline. it’s against the law.

i can’t pump gasoline. it’s against the law.

…but apparently i can repeat myself without trouble (oops) :wink:

I can’t see 'em either. Never have been able to. Tried everything, and nearly cried over it once in fifth grade (scarred me for life, too!) I think in my case, it has to do with the fact that I have nearly no depth perception…