Odd things you've taken to work (thinking they were other things)

My partner and I both have black wallets and I have a black BlackBerry (yes, I know); both are about the same size/shape. Twice in the past few months I’ve taken both our wallets to work and left my BlackBerry at home.

Last week a colleague brought her TV remote to the office instead of her phone.

What odd item have you transported?

Well, there was the time I accidentally took (as in ingested) a narcotic pain reliever as opposed to the antibiotic I meant to take. That was a fun day at work. Very stress-free, in fact.

As for stuff I’ve actually taken TO work…I don’t think I’ve managed anything real entertaining, although I’m pretty sure I’ve taken my digital camera in place of my cell phone a few times.

To work, to the gym, and on a four day trip to Chicago: felt catnip mice. I didn’t confuse them for something else, but I had a cat that firmly believed that I shouldn’t leave home without one.

I returned last night from a business trip. When I had arrived at my destination, instead of the pen I thought I’d grabbed, I wound up with a laser pointer, which proved useless after I’d flashed it at a few people in the hotel parking lot.

I also had a well-chewed Nylabone in one of my shoes.

The wrong left shoe. Thankfully, they looked pretty much alike.

*I *want a pet who sends me off to work with a memento! :mad:

Once I accidentally put a can of beer in my lunch bag instead of a soda.

Back in the day when I was living with my best friend and we both worked at the same grocery store we came in late after a drunken night. She had to open the store the next morning and in her still drunken haze she wore my jeans to work. She is about five inches taller than I(all legs) and at least thirty pound heavier. I still giggle thinking about how she paged me over the loud sneaker “WOOKINPANUB, come to the front please” only to walk out from behind her register in skin tight, high water pants.

I had my lunch in a similar plastic bag from leftovers. I was looking forward to it. I opened the bag and it only contained various sets of guitar strings, mandolin strings and a bag of picks.

Ended up at del Taco. :mad::smack:

I tried to take the 173 bus to work, but wound up on the 172 instead. Unfortunately I did not realize this for some time (dozed off, as I often did on the morning commute) and was quite late for work.

I too took a beer for lunch instead of a ginger ale. Didn’t realize it until I took it out in front of half a dozen other teachers. Belly laughs ensued. I just hid it in a drawer and snuck out with it in my sport coat pocket.

I also used to put homework in my car after I finished it so I wouldn’t forget it the next morning. I did this one night with three classes’ worth of tests, and then drove the wrong car to work.

These two have cracked me up right proper. Bravo!

As for me, it’s not so much TO work as what I didn’t take… my glasses. How in the hell I even drive the five miles there is beyond me, but I’m really glad it was such a short trip back to retrieve them. Safely.

Accidently grabbed a taser instead of my wallet, ended up zapping myself in the ass by accident sending me down a flight of stairs into my boss which caused him to drop his can of sprite and tumble down a flight of stairs colliding with a work colleague who lost her balance and dumped a thing of canoli and rice onto the head of my boss.

It was a mess

Not work related, but I had a cat who’d hide pieces of dry food in the bookbag I used for church. He apparently felt a need to ensure that I had a snack with me if I needed it (he did this more than once, with a bag that was kept nowhere near his dish).

Not work, but Once when I headed out to the bar I grabbed my phone on the way out the door. I wanted to make a call at one point, but as I started to dial my finger memory immediately signaled me that something was… off.

I had taken my TV remote to the bar and tried to make a call on the number pad part. :smack:

Took a cereal bar instead of my phone. Was in my jacket pocket, where I normally left my phone and roughly the same shape/size. I was in a rush…

Unfortunately the signal reception was crap.

Grabbed a bag of raw green beans out of the fridge instead of my lunch one day years ago. Was not happy when lunchtime arrived.

A can of Miller Lite beer, thinking it was a Diet Pepsi.

I have also done the ‘can of beer thinking it was soda’ thing. My daughter put a little "beauty and the Beast’ Belle figurine in my briefcase on a business trip, and the other people in the meeting looked at me funny when I brought it out before I started the presentation. I considered trying to come up with a way to use it in the presentation, but I couldn’t think of anything. And my son put a raw potato in my lunch. He was helping mommy pack for me.

My wife wore a sweater to work once, and didn’t discover until the afternoon that a sock was stuck to the back.


A lot of snapping, crackling and popping on the line?

I wore a rugby-style shirt to work once that had a pair of my wife’s undies stuck to the inside. Kind of embarrassing to be standing there talking to a coworker, fidgeting around with my shirt trying to figure out what that lump was in there, expecting it to be a wadded up dryer sheet, and pulling out a pair of panties instead.