Oddest Vacation rental

What’s the oddest place you’ve rented on vacation?

I’m writing this from a rental in Tahoe City, CA. Its a nice place, but a few weird parts:

  • There are three exterior doors here, sorta. There’s the usual front door, with a peephole and deadlock. As you come in, you can turn left into a bedroom, or right into a kitchen area with a living room and a loft above with a bed. What’s weird is the bedroom on the left has a good, solid exterior door with another peephole and deadlock and a “1” on the door, and the kitchen/loft area has yet another solid door with another peephole/deadlock and a “2” on it. Obviously, someone wanted to split this into two rentals, but its a strange way to do it.

  • This place has both forced air and electric baseboard heat. There is a thermostat by the front door that governs a single electric baseboard heater immediately below it, and a forced-air vent immediately below that. There are electric baseboard heaters in all the other rooms, but I’ve yet to discover how to activate them. There is also another thermostat near the kitchen that controls a forced air system, but it seems to have a very loose connection to when the forced air system runs. I’ve set it to 70F, and it will run or not when the temp is 67F.

Other than that, its your basic Tahoe rental condo with some locks on some kitchen cabinets and a locked interior closet that presumably holds a washer/dryer or other things the owners of the place don’t want to share.

I expect mine is but a pimple on the butt of the weird vacation rentals out there. What’s your best weird vacation rental?

Never been there myself, but I hear good things about Schrute Farms. :wink:

My girlfriend and I stayed in a completely refurbished 1950 Spartan Manor at The Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ.

We stayed at what appeared to be (and mostly was) a very nice B&B in Bishop CA a couple years ago. It was a very nice house, but our room seemed to have gold-painted plaster cherubs everywhere - we almost bailed after the first night because my husband got so skeeved out by them. However, it was all redeemed the next morning by an excellent breakfast accompanied by a recording of The Sons of the Pioneers (singing cowboy music). A strange experience, but the hiking in the eastern Sierras was great.

Castle. Do I win? :wink:

To clarify the OP, I guess I meant vacation rentals that were unintentionally odd, or unexpectedly shlockey in odd ways.

I liked the “lost a limb” review

“Woke up in the barn missing an arm and my car was stolen local cops did nothing , think there in cohoots with them.Never again,use this info to book your next stay some wheres else i know i will.”

Still rates a 4 out of 5 though.