Woo hoo!

Two things I’ve told people today:

  1. I’m never going to drive this car again.
  2. I’m going to try to sell it to a computer programmer and convince him it has only 63 miles on it.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world…

I was a bit annoyed the other day that mine had passed 80000 without me spotting it. I did catch it on 80808 but it wasn’t particularly convenient to stop for a photo of it. I doubt I’ll keep the car long enough to make it to 63 binary miles :).

You also missed 80085. BOOBS.

What’s the B stand for? Never seen that before.

My car has a B position for downhill driving, and it uses more regenerative braking (it’s an EV). As far as the owner’s manual is concerned, B doesn’t stand for anything. “Brake”, maybe?

looks like a Prius gear selector pattern, so yeah “B” is for “engine” braking.

I have a temperature display right above my odometer. One day a few years ago, the temperature was 44 degrees, and my odometer said 44444!

Yes, it’s a Prius. The B position basically puts it in low gear. Generally used for engine braking so I guess that’s why they label it B.

Oh, I thought you were talking about the B in BOOBS. Now that I see that you were talking about the gear indicator, I feel a sense of relief for not needing to deliver a snarky reply. All good.

But dude… BOOBS!