Oera Linda

What’s the straight dope on this book? From what I’ve read, it’s supposed to be an old historical text chronicaling the history of a people called the Atlanders, who lived at least 4,000 years ago in what is now the North Sea (but at the time was allegedly temperate land). Around 2100BC, according to the Oera Linda Book, a great flood submerged Atland, leaving most of it in what is now Dogger’s Bank. However, for almost 2,000 years clusters of Atlanders lived on, one of them even becoming a great warrior for Alexander the Great, by the name of Frisa (and this is supposedly chronicled in Norse sagas). Also, allegedly Welsh folktales tell of a great flood occuring around the time of the Atland flood taking place…Some people call Atland Atlantis. So what’s the deal on the Oera Linda Book? Is it a fake? Are there any good books on it? Where can I find it? And how true are it’s claim, if at all?

For history derived from the book, go here:

Couldn’t turn up much on the Oera Linda book, apart from a bunch of neo-pagan sites that seem to accept it more or less uncritically. Being a sceptical sort of a guy (and since this stuff doesn’t have very much in common with the boring old history I learned), I persevered a little and came up with this link, which at least deals with some of the obvious flaws.

Basically, it’s a nineteenth-century hoax. Sorry if I’m raining on any parades here, but…