Of Thieves & Kings

This is truly a great series from Mark Oakley. If you haven’t seen it yet, search for it. Excellent storytelling, effective use of mixing drawing with text boxes, and a natural feel for timing. The story continues to get larger and larger while still following specific storylines. The characters are real and fleshed out. Nothing is taken for granted. Suprises around every corner. That, and some of the best conversational dialogue I’ve encountered.

It’s an inpendent comic book based out of Toronto. I saw the cover for issue 10 oh so many years ago and I had to buy it. A boy overlooking the town was beautiful and so quiet compared to the superhero books I was used to. I bought it, read it, and immediately needed all the back issues. Since then I’ve been an avid reader and recommend it to all.

If you like Bone and even if you don’t, you’ll love Thieves & Kings.

bumping to allow the one other fan of T&K to get a chance to see this post

T&K is a pretty cool series, but I get frustrated because Mark Oakley takes so damn long to produce an issue. Also I think he could use an editor since I’ve noticed the occasional weird phrase. But on the whole, very quality stuff; definitely a departure from the typical “extra-sexy hero/heroine kicks large amounts of buttocks in a Dark Gothic The World Sucks setting”.