Off to Afghanistan in a week

Title says it all, really. I know I don’t post much, but hopefully some folks will remember me. I’ll be in Kabul for a year, attached to the Embassy. As a Foreign Service Officer, I’ll be working in the Political Section covering the Human Rights portfolio, which is a big job. Lots of work to be done there, and I’ll also be in charge of reporting from the the eastern provinces. Id like to say it’s not freaking me out, but I know that if I keep my head down and concentrate on the job the year will go by before I know it.

If anyone has any questions after I get there I’ll do my best to answer them, time and rocket attacks permitting. Email’s in my profile and military and non-miltary Dopers who have AF experience are welcome to chime in with helpful tips.

Wow, how exciting! I know this is going to make me sound crazy, but I’d actually like to work in Afghanistan, maybe when I’m done with my gig here in Bulgaria. (Don’t tell my mom and dad, okay? I like to surprise them sometimes.)

Best of luck and stay safe.

Good luck. I’m sure we’ll all be interested in your impressions.

Neat. If you can, throw us an occasional post. With all the noise out of Iraq, we don’t hear much about “that other country we invaded”, I’d be interested to hear what you see/hear/do there. For example, how safe is Kabul, can you walk around the city or do the foreign personnel hunker down in an Afgan equivalent of the Green Zone?

Stay safe.

Definitely try to post once in awhile (you know, when you’re not, um, doing your job or having a life), especially about life in Afghanistan. I fear the only people who still hear about it are Canadians. (Have a friend going into the Foreign Service who fears she’ll gent sent to a hot zone straight out of the gate)

I spent the better part of eight months in Bagram, just about 90 minutes up ‘Old Soviet Highway’ from Kabul. I hear good things about Kabul: modernized grocery stores and a couple of ‘Western’ clubs and restaurants on one side of town. One of our contractors employed a guy from New York state, who had an apartment in the ‘Western’ neighborhood and related to me that one could buy alcohol in the certain grocery store. . . :dubious:

Anyway, I thoroghly enjoyed my time there–the winter was bitterly cold, but gave way to the greenest valley I have ever seen in my life. A dangerous as it was, it was just as beautiful a landscape.

And I’d tell you to have a blast, but seeing firsthand what the Soviets left behind, I’d remind you to not have one literally. . .

It’s American aircraft that are the main danger these days. :frowning:

Three Brits killed in a friendly-fire incident.

Good luck! Update us when you can.

Good luck! Come back safe!

Good luck!

But, wear your Kevlar, too.

If they ain’t giving you any, buy it yourself!

Good luck and be safe.

I recently went to a lecture given by a man who does endangered species/habitat work in Afghanistan. He showed us some of the posters and other ads they put up to try to convince Westerners (specifically) not to buy endangered species products. Very educational.

I wish you the best of luck, and lots of safe, interesting experiences.

Good luck, and keep your head down.

Did you get a linked follow-on post out of it or are you going in fingers crossed hoping they’ll take care of you after? I’m bidding now and the list is total crap. I’m considering a one year Hellmouth tour just to see if next year’s list is any better (even tho I just finished two prior to Germany). FWIW, everyone I know who’s done Kabul has enjoyed it and made it home unscathed. But keep your head down anyway!