Off to Scotland - Baring Ash

Next Tuesday to be precise. Why yes, I (we) do have a tee time at the Old Course:):slight_smile:
It’s going to be cold and moist according to the weather lookout but it’s the “Holy Grail” of golf for many. Actually I’m not fond of links courses but it will be fun (with my friends) and historic.

What else to do? Fife area or thereabouts. We have a van and some of us have experience driving on the “other” side. Eight days. There’s more golf of course but a particularly nasty day may come up.

Food? I’m not particularly adventurous (sheep stomach and braaiiiiiins are out). Should I just stick with something nominally nutricious forgoing exotic Scottish culinary pleasures?

Open for suggestions.

We have a general election on Thursday. This is, of course, an excuse for a monumental piss-up. Just be sure to have someone who doesn’t drink who will be the driver the next day.

One word of advice: don’t challenge a Scot to a drinking contest. You’ll lose.

Since you’re going to be at St Andrews, the Anstruther Fish Bar in the town of Ansthruther (basically, you drive through St Andrews to get there) is great. They tell you the name of the boat your fish came in on and you can eat it looking out at the harbour. Everything is sustainably caught and freshly filleted in the back room.

There’s a nice place that does boozy coffee on the sea, too.

Kellie Castle is also out that way, and is a nice little tour, but not so nice if you have to pay the admission and it’s too rainy to see the gardens. We’re NT, so we go just to see the rooms sometimes.

Falkland Plalace in the village of Falkland is nice, as is the climb up either of the two Lomond hills above it- there’s a medieval kiln and the barest remains of a hill fort in the area.

If you get up to it, Arbroath is quite a nice little place and has a ruined Abbey, very like those at Glastonbury and Tintern, though smaller in footprint. And and Arbroath smokie (smoked haddock) pie is lovely.

If you’re in Anstruther and like seabird-watching, that’s where the tour boat out to the Isle of May sets off from.
Scone Palace is just outside Perth and not too far away - it’s got nice gardens as well as the palace. There are loads of pretty little towns in the area but often not all that much to do apart from stroll round them.
Dundee is bigger, and has the sailing ships Discovery and Unicorn to go round, as well as the Verdant Works, about it’s industrial heritage.
If you head N.W. into Tayside, there’s loads of smaller roads (still 2 lanes, though!) with great scenery, etc, or if you get as far as Dunkeld (on the A9) there’s a place called Dunkeld Hermitage, with is neat.

I’d take a day-trip to Edinburgh if I were you. Go on the train rather than drive for several reasons 1) parking is mental in Edinburgh 2) the journey into Waverley is just fantastic - sit on the right hand side of the train and prepare to look up at the Castle Rock 3) coming from Fife you’ll go over the Forth Bridge, probably the finest example of massive Victorian over-engineering and 4) when you emerge from Waverley you have this view.

PS I can hardly believe that Google Street View doesn’t have Princes Street on it.

There’s loads of central Edinburgh missing from GSV - a lot of South Bridge isn’t there either…

And that train journey does have great views.
If you’re down that way, Dunfermline is a very historic place, with a neat castle, palace, and park right beside them…

Dundee’s art/history museum has just opened back up again and is looking very good, and the Fergusson Gallery in Perth is also very nice. I also live right next to the Verdant Works (you get a deal if you tour that and the Discovery within a certain number of days) and the Observatory in Dundee.

I cannot believe I forgot Dunkeld, as we are about to take our cat to his auntie there while we go to Boston. Beatrix Potter used to stay around there as a girl, and while there’s nothing to see, there’s plenty to buy.

Thanks to all for the suggestions. Should fill the time nicely. I love train travel and the associated sights.

How did it go? I kind of assumed you would be flying in, and the airports have been affected by volcanic ash a bit…

But going by train means you will not be able to actually see the bridge, only this one.

Had I seen this thread earlier I would have recommended a tour in the highlands.

Curious myself, Greenback, as I’ve just gotten back to Dundee myself, but my husband is stranded in Newark. He also got delayed flying out to the US, as he had to fly over Irish airspace. I flew through France.

Drat! I came in here for pictures of the OP’s bared ash! Expected it to relate to definitive resolution of what a true Scotsman wears …

I have seen it and it was not a pretty sight. :eek:

We got delayed at Stansted a week or so ago on our way to Belfast. It was really frustrating because only N. Ireland flights had been cancelled and we were going for a funeral and were terrified we’d be stranded for more than a day. Thankfully the evening flights went as scheduled, so we were only stranded for 7 hours. :smack: