Off to Tokyo for a Week. Suggestions Requested.

I haven’t taken a real vacation in years and I decided to jump on cheap tickets on Singapore Airlines from LAX to NRT in early September. I realize that we just did this for RickJay a couple months ago and a couple years ago for Rodgers01. In any case, I’m looking specifically for Tokyo and I thought I’d ask if there was anything new since the last threads. The hotel in Shinjuku is booked and it’s going to just be a week in Tokyo this trip. Obviously the guides have plenty of suggestions, and while I’m probably going to do at least some of them, I was hoping for ideas for slightly-less known spots. The only real “musts” on the trip so far is to spend a few hours at the Tokyo National Museum (I’m a sucker for the Freer-Sackler when I’m in DC) and to catch a ball game. I’m thinking of going to see the Giants play the Swallows in Meiji Jingu Stadium, though I have to say the idea of artificial turf at an outdoor stadium just seems wrong.

My main question right now is actually about going to a ball game. I realize that Japanese baseball stadiums are really serious about fan separation by teams. Would I get any difficulty if I went to a game with my old Albuquerque Dukes hat? I’ve got no problem picking up a Swallows hat as a souvenir, but I thought it might be fun to represent the team I grew up following.