Off to torment LA

In 30 minutes I am off to torment the good folks of Los Angeles. Just wanted to let you all know in advance, and ask if there is any one out there I can phone if I find the need for bail money! Really tho, I will miss you all, see you on Monday.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Have a good time – and fill us in on the one phone call rule when you get back.

“If ignorance were corn flakes, you’d be General Mills.”
Cecil Adams
The Straight Dope

Torment all you want. I’m leaving LA tomorrow. If you’re obnoxious enough, maybe, nobody will notice I’m missing. The way God keeps everything in balance is amazing!

People in LA amaze me. I asked at several stores where is Panaroma City & none of them knew. On thanksgiving of all times, too, made me 5 hours late for dinner.

There are over 270 communities recognized by Thomas Bros. maps in LA county alone. Almost 100 of them are incorporated cities. The very fact that almost every car in the LA area is equipted with a two inch thick Thomas Bros. map book should tell you that your delema was caused by being in one of the (physically) largest metropolitan areas in the world and not by the ignorance of Angelinos.

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.

So how was LA? Did you see the Rose Bowl?

I was only there for that weekend so no… I didn’t see the Rose Bowl. Has alot of fun tho. Even got to sit on Santa’s lap and talk to him about what I wanted for Christmas.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Wow, Panorama City. I was delivered at Kaiser Hospital there, so technically that’s my home town, though I usually just say L.A. It’s in the West (San Fernando) Valley, (AKA the boondocks). It’s been awhile, but I think if you just take the 101 past Reseda and Encino, you’ll get there. That doesn’t do you a whole lot of good now though does it?