Office 2000 and Win XP

Where does Office 2000 keep the templates folder in the Windows XP OS?

Is this what you want?

To get the location of Word 2000’s Startup folder on the user’s local machine, you can find the path of Word 2000’s Startup folder in the registry using the following registry key:


Office help says the user may copy their own templates to the folder. That key isn’t in the registry and I can’t find subfolders to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033

We have a user that wants her own Word templates to be in FILE-NEW.

I don’t have XP here (or Win2K), but I seem to recall there’s a ‘Shared Files’ folder, maybe under Program Files, that has MSOffice stuff, including a Templates directory. Each user with an account on the machine also has their own folder someplace (something about ‘Settings’, I think) with another Templates directory.

I’ll take a look at work tomorrow and see if I was right.

When you install Office (which I did this afternoon) it gives you an option to include the Templates if you so wish - perhaps they decided not to install them?

You may need the CD.

Sure I installed them. You can click FILE->NEW and see them. I just can’t find where they lie so that my user can add her own.

If you try and save a word document as a template (.dot) then the default place that it goes to is C:\Documents and Settings*username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates. This template appears in the General tab of the File–>New window.

Try cpying the template to that folder and see if that works…


We are getting somewhere…moveing them there is the first things we tried.
It appaers that saving there incorporates them into

Moved files don’t show under NEW, but saved ones do.

Of course, my user isn’t willing to open and save her 500 templates. :slight_smile:

Really??? I just moved one of my templates to that folder and it showed up in General - or rather, I copied it to that folder, but I shouldn’t think that would make a difference…

Wonder how I would get it to show in one of the other tabs on the File–>New window???

:confused: Grim

Alternatively, if you put a shortcut to the folder(s) where your user’s templates into that folder, then it creates another tab on the File–>New window…

At least it does for me.


So it does. Cool.