Office-desk labelling device/sticker/something

At my work I’ve been trying to come up with a labelling system. I know what I want to label the desks. I simply am not sure what to label them with. We are going to stick on lettering, not whole names. SO if you have some ideas, let me know.

Our requirements are a bit rough, too. What we use must be:

Removable (because whole cubicles are frequently broken down and moved elsewhere). This shouldn’t be too hard - we don’t want to have to break out a scraper every time.

Characters should be about 2 inches high, so they can fit on the upper rim of the cube walls. This lets people see it from a decent distance - about 30 feet away. The background would be gray, if that matters.

It needs to be configurable by hand or printable out of any office printer.

Ideally, it should be around 10 cents a desk.

Avery removable labels come in all sizes.

Uh… let’s say that after extensive experience, I despise Avery and want nothing to do with them. Ever. (Really, never had a good experience with that company’s products.)

I’ve seen (for sale at WalMart/OfficeDepot and such) sheets of paper with a very thin magnetic backing that work in most printers. Maybe made by Kodak? Just a few mm’s in thickness at most, I think, and easily cut with scissors, etc. They adhere fairly well if not rubbed against or whatever, so if those desks have ‘magnetic properties’, this might be of interest. Not too spendy, iirc…ymmv :slight_smile:

Ty, will check it out wen I go to Wally World later.

Get yourself a P-touch labeller. They are not as expensive as they were in the past.

I have one of those, and they work well, but I’ve never seen one that will make labels taller than 3/4".