Officer tasers woman twice..for driving on a suspended license

This is part 3 of a long traffic stop where a woman is tased twice during an arrest for driving on a suspended license:

She was stopped for speeding and a bad taillight. I don’t know how much time elapsed between part 2 and 3, but when they went to arrest her she had a cigarette lit and was on the phone with somebody. Instead of reasoning with her they gave her about 25 seconds to get out of the car, which seems really unreasonable to me. She had been mouthy and distrusting of the officer in part two of the video, but I don’t believe she was any danger to the officers, just an annoying melodramatic woman. The officer seemed patient and reasonable except he just chose to use the taser too damn fast.

I tell you, I wouldn’t normally strike an officer but if they tasered me that quickly and out of the blue I’d want to do some damage.

Your OP title is deliberately inflammatory and misleading. I encourage others to not respond to your obvious trolling.

Why is it that when I get pulled over, I put my hands on the steering wheel, follow instructions, politely take my ticket, say good by, I don’t get tazed?

That woman was a problem from the get go. That cop had a lot more patience than I would have.

She was not tazed for a traffic violation she was tazed for being a loudmouthed prick who was endangering the cops and acting unreasonably. What do you expect, the cops should just give up trying to get her to put down the phone and get out of the car? He asked her and asked her and asked her and asked her then he used non-deadly force to obtain compliance. If he acted unreasonably he will pay the price, but I didn’t see anythin unreasonable except the dumbass driver.

Fuck you for making me argue in favor of a cops actions.


Garfield go shit in your litter box. She was being charged with driving with a suspended license, and she got tasered twice because she was mouthy and didn’t get out of the vehicle fast enough. The cop probably would have lost his patience sooner if he wasn’t aware he was on video. Tasering is serious shit, it fires 2 fishhook prongs into your flesh and zaps you with 50,000 volts of electricity.

I’m not anti-cop, I have a close family member that’s a respected cop. But BS like this seems really excessive to me.

WTF do you mean he didn’t know he was on video? The footage was from his OWN FUCKING DASH BOARD CAMARA. Tell us another one.

When a police officer tells you to do something, whether you think you are right or not, you do what you are told. Period. This lady was caught dead to rights on numerous charges and she chose to ignore the police officer repeatedly. Too bad for her. Perhaps now she’ll understand what most people know from a very early age: when an authority figure tells you to do something you comply, or you will be made to comply.

DNFTT. Just ignore it. It will soon realize it isn’t wanted, and slink away like the pathetic creature it is.

That’s awesome. Too bad this isn’t a perfect world where people wouldn’t mouth off so they wouldn’t have to get tazed. Now I’m sure she’s brooding over this and cussing out her husband and kids because she’s mad about this, and her kids will grow up to hate the cops and one of them will eventually shoot one.

never mind, I’m a dumbass and I misread what you typed. I stand by my previous post but the one I quoted here was just stupid.

‘Move to the back of the bus please, Mrs Parks’…view like yours are scary.

WTF yourself…I said and I quote “The cop probably would have lost his patience sooner if he wasn’t aware he was on video.” Was that not clear?

He fired that taser too quickly and for no good reason other than the woman was an annoying bitch. At least he did the right thing by calling for backup.

Not to speak for AirmanDoors, but there is a time and a place to dissent. When there is a man with a gun trying to get you to do something that isn’t immediately harmful to you isn’t generally that time. IMHO, of course.

Damn, I’m sure glad I hit “preview” rather than comment on this!

control-z, askeptic admitted a mistake.

Sounded to me like the cop was claiming she took a swipe at him. Couldn’t see one way or the other, but I can’t feel too sorry for her. He pointed the thing at her and repeated his order and she still refused to comply. Dumbass.

Justified or not, a cop points a gun (or taser) at you, you better start doing what you’re told!

Yes, the fact that the police have weapons is a reason that many people would do just about anything they’re told. It doesn’t justify the suggestion that it’s right to be expected to do everything you’re told by a guy with a gun/taser/whatever.

No. She was told to get out of the vehicle and refused, saying, “I’m calling someone.” Instead of calmly putting down her phone and saying, “All right, officer, I’m getting out-I’m putting down my phone,” etc. Then she continued to argue with him, even though he told her, if she did NOT get out of the vehicle, she would be tasered.

Then, apparently, she took a swing at one of them (the video was hard to see).

She’ll live.

shrug Your morals are your morals, but getting tased because you wanted to keep talking on your cellphone is a pretty idiotic form of civil disobedience.

It’s also a pretty idiotic form of policing, which was my point.

How much of a swing can you take at someone standing at the passenger side of the vehicle while you’re seated in the driver’s seat? She probably swatted at the second officer’s hand when he grabbed for her phone.

The lady was talking on a cell phone, smoking, and all worked up over being stopped. Who knows how long she was sitting there waiting while the officer was on the radio? I think the second officer made a mistake opening the door and grabbing her cell phone, and the first officer made a mistake by tasering her over it. Once they decided to arrest her, the time it took from walking to her vehicle to tasering her was 25 SECONDS. It’s right there on video. I think if the camera wasn’t there her treatment would have been worse.

On the positive side, I bet she doesn’t do THAT again.