Official Voting Day Irregularities Thread

Inspired by the It’s Officially Election Day thread, there a few few posts in it claiming voting irregularities. Rather than hijack that thread and get lost in the posts, lets put them here.

There is only one rule - If you personally experienced a problem voting during this election, post it here. The more details, the better.

(Please, no hearsay. No posts of what you heard about someone else, what you heard/read on the news, what a coworker claims happened to them/their friend/someone they know. Also, if you decide to comment about a problem, please don’t add in any hearsay accidentally.)

The second page of my Ohio ballot was rejected by the scanner because the poll worker tore off a bit of one of the barcodes when he pulled it out of the book.

I didn’t notice the problem until the first page had already been scanned.

The poll worker in question swore up and down that he hadn’t made the mistake - that either I or the machine somehow tore the ballot, and not him.

Another worker then dropped my (unscanned) ballot into a slot into a slot in the side of the machine.

Nobody there was able to give me a straight answer on whether my second page would be counted or not, and they refused to give me another ballot.

Did you call the Secretary of State’s office or 1-866-OUR-VOTE or another hotline to report what happened?

By 1 oclock they had 27,000 phone calls.

The only thing odd when I voted (at 7:15am) was the presence of 2 armed constables outside the polling place. I don’t remember seeing anything like that before.