Ofra Haza on David Letterman?

I think it was the David Letterman show a looooong time ago where I was first introduced to Ofra Haza and utterly enchanted by her vocals. I would love to know what song she sung on that show… but I can’t find any mention of it anywhere. It may, I suppose, be a different late night talk show, but at the time I think Letterman was the only one I watched.

Does anyone know?

H’yar tis, from Johnny Carson’s show in 1990. The song is Ya Ba Ye. Tons of other stuff on YouTube as well as an official Myspace page here.

Hope this makes up for my being rude to you a while back in the prepaid card thread. :slight_smile:

Also, love your painting.

Thank you!!! Johnny Carson… that’s why my searches were turning up squat!!

Ok so now that I heard that I remember that yeah, I really like her stuff. Is anyone here an afficianado and can recommend one of her albums? I can’t afford to buy ALL of them.