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The Secret World of Og

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Where else does Og choose to manifest?

Humbug. Og was old when Crump was born. You’d think it was ludicrous if a modern Jesus Ramirez claimed he was the source of all the talk about “Jesus.” Now this review of the 1922 Og claims this Boys’ Life Og is the original Og. Nonsense. Tommyrot. Og is that Og is.

My dad was born in 1917. When I, as a small child, knocked over a can of paint on the carpet, Dad cried out to Og. He didn’t scream, “Crump!” So, you can see, Og and I go way back.

Our Og is an awesome Og!

Og smite! Og! Og! Og!

Pseudo Sumerian/Necronomicon chanting meets Bring It On in a religious cheerfest.

I’m afraid. I’m very afraid.

Og and his buddy Thag have been popping around the Internet Oracle Digests for quite some time.