Oh, a motorcycle accident! How convenient....

I am talking about Costas Kenteris. This athlete is a mystery. He emerged out of nowhere and beat Maurice Greene in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Rumors have been flying about him being heavily doped, especially after not participating in the French Grand Prix a couple of years ago.

And now we get this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=&xml=/sport/2004/08/13/sofron13.xml
You :wally . You are a disgrace for Greece.

Do you think they actually threw themselves off the bike deliberately? That’s some desperation.

Ahhh well…

I’m tipping 5 separate drug busts per day for the next fortnite. And they’re just the dumb fucks who aren’t using the new stuff which isn’t traceable at the moment.

Why single out Greece? As Dick Pound so insightfully noted, arguably the worst serial transgressors of institutionalised doping these past 4 years has been US Track and Field. They’ve been even worse than the Chinese of 12 years ago, and THAT’S sayin’ something.

Hell, THG went straight from the Balco labs into (at last count) 143 athletes registered with the USTF. Man, that’s just fucking pathetic.

What can I say? There’s simply too much money in sport these days for it not to happen. Personally, I can’t see the Olympics surviving another 20 years to be honest.

I can’t help wondering whether there even was an accident, to be honest.

And I don’t think Greece are being singled out on this occasion.

This link from The Times, also includes the linking of two Greek athletes to Balco, the fact the pair wandered off to Qatar when they said they would be in Crete and most of the Greek athletes withdrawing from the Athens Grand Prix when an unannounced drug testing team turned up.

It doesn’t mention the time their coach held a drug tester up against a wall while they escaped.

Maybe, just maybe, they aren’t guilty of anything.

But they’ve spent a long time acting like they are.

No. According to some, there was no motorcycle accident at all. There’s nobody to eyewitness the accident and there is no record of anybody calling an ambulance.
Also, athletes and officials travel on dedicated lanes on the roads. That minimizes the chance of an accident, doesn’t it?

Ranks right up there with “the dog ate it”, doesn’t it?

Whether they are guilty or not, they have to be banned. A missed test is as serious as a failed test. Otherwise they may as well forget the whole thing. Athletes throughout the Olympics and beyond will suddenly have plausible excuses why they couldn’t turn up for their test and the whole system will be a joke.

That assumes that the entire system isn’t already a joke.

Now that the existance of a test to detect THC has been made public, I’d not be at all surprised to see a number of athletes suddenly come up with one reason or another why they won’t to travelling to Greece this year. Sadly, as mentioned, most would likely be US track and field participants.

Top Greek Sprinter Might Withdraw


I can’t wait to see how this whole mess resolves itself.

It is and this whole thing is a fucking mess. Look, top athletes have been doping since the first Olympics(think chariots and shit). THey found ways to be faster, stronger and meaner without technology and they’ll continue to do so now. We ought to accept it as is and move on with our lives appreciating the feats they can pull off-drugs or no.


An Irish was caught for EPO use this week. The only refreshing thing about it was when he was caught he admitted it. He said it was the only way for him to compete as nearly everyone was on something.

And the whole thing would become a technology race between scientists, contested by abnormal freaks risking their health and lives. No thanks.

It already is, open your eyes.


Yeah, and when some vampires came around to the Italian and Dutch cycling teams, a lot of people got pretty huffy and refused because there “aren’t supposed to be any drug tests in the Olympic Village,” and only the IOC is suppoesed to test, not the UCI.


I’m looking forward to the day that the IOC puts its money where its mouth is and truly gets serious about doping.

“What’s that? An American member of track and field tested positive? You’re out. No, not just you - the entire American track and field team.”

“Hey, Bulgarian wrestler! You’re positive! You’ve just cost your entire wrestling team a shot at a medal!”

“Chinese table top tennis player on THC, eh? See ya. And take your buddy Yao with you.”

Is it fair to kick out the entire team? Hell, no - but neither is doping.

I don’t care whether he dopes or not. Adults have decisions that only they can make, and that’s the choice to potentially destroy their bodies for the future for the big payoff now. Fact is, you give me all the THC in the world and I will still run the 100 in no less than 13 seconds and the 400 in no less than a minute. These guys have to be able to do it anyway for the doping to make any difference, and if they want that extra edge so be it. It’s their call.

What are the arguments against it? It’s not fair? It’s not fair that my mother wouldn’t let me play football when I was younger, either, potentially costing me a shot at the NFL. It’s not fair that I can’t run the 100 in 10 seconds. Lots of things aren’t fair. What, it’s against the rules? Pshaw. Change the rules. Most of you would have no problem with weed, so what’s the big deal with dope? What, it takes away from the people who don’t dope? No it doesn’t. They made a choice, and later in life when they still have their health will they regret it? Of course not.

Legalize the damn stuff. Period.

Am I the only one giggling at this name? Can we just call him Richard?

Well, he’s been suspended.

I wonder why?


I think this incident clearly bolsters threemae’s argument from a coupla weeks ago (and what an argument it was!) that…


OK - now we have proof. :smiley:

My favourite avoidance method involved a Sydney Rugby League player. He was walking off the field after practice when approached by the drug tester. Although he was shirtless he immediately climbed the fence of the football ground and ran away. The club rang his mobile but he did not return. Later, his excuse was that he hadn’t refused a test technically because the tester had not had an opportunity to identify himself. The player “didn’t realise” that the guy in the uniform of the drug testing body, carrying drug testing equipment, was in fact conducting drug testing. He was suspended.