Oh Brother: Still #8 after 70 weeks in the charts

The soundtrack to Oh Brother, Where Art Thou has finished #8 on Billboard last week after being on the charts for 70 weeks and has gone Platinum X 5. That is an incredible feat for any album, but this is a Bluegrass album. And they just played a video from the album on MTV2.

So were there that many closet Bluegrass fans out there or has the movie and soundtrack created that many believers in a true American music style?

Only guessing here, but I believe the outstanding quality of the music, combined with the good movie, created that many people that wanted this CD.
Only time will tell if these new bluegrass listeners extend their interest beyond that one CD. Time and billboard will tell, each in its own way.(Sorry, couldn’t resist that)
I gave four of those CD’s out as Christmas presents. Everyone that received one loved it, and three of the four people I gave it to had never heard of the CD or the movie. I guess it’s just plain good!

I just wish more radio stations would take a chance on roots music and bluegrass. There are no stations in Atlanta devoted to that music, which is double shame, firstly because the self-proclaimed capital of the South ought to have its native music on the airwaves, and secondly because I think it is a commercial niche waiting to be exploited. (As demonstrated by the O Brother! phenomenon.)

I know there are plenty of good young bluegrass and roots music bands out there (as well as plenty of old-timers) ready to fill the airwaves of any station which will take that leap. And I believe there are plenty of listeners who would welcome it.

Have you heard of Nickel Creek? Amazingly talented youngsters. Alison Kraus is helping guide this trio to well-deserved stardom.

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