Oh for pity's sake...

Since Joel became a Doper, I’ve refrained from posting about my MIL, but this is just too irritating.

She came over today for a belated birthday celebration for Joel. She ordered pizza from Domino’s. I was in the shower, so I didn’t observe the ordering myself. But I know when we order pizza from Domino’s, we usually get a pepperoni or a Canadian bacon and pineapple on a pan crust. So I trusted that, since it’s Joel’s birthday, he’d order something he wanted, and it would be similar to one of these usual pizzas. But maybe that’s beside the point.

All I know is, the pizzas are on a very, very thin crisp crust. One is cheese only, the other is all the meats, plus tomatoes and mushrooms. This is what they ordered. OK, fine, if that’s what you want, fine.

But… it’s not fine? No, Joel’s mom is unhappy. The crust is too thin. She asked for a thin, crispy crust but the crust is too thin and too crispy. And one of the meats is Italian-style chicken, with oregano. Turns out she doesn’t like oregano.

So she calls Domino’s to complain. She tells them their pizza is terrible.

Well… why… what… I don’t get it. It’s what you ordered. Why did you ask for an extra thin crispy crust if you don’t like it? Why didn’t you order a regular crust? Why did you order a pizza with Italian chicken if you don’t like it?

Are these the kinds of pizza you normally order? If not, then why did you order them now and risk getting something you might not like? Why didn’t you order something you normally get that you know you’d like?

I know, I know, this is dumb. But the straw the broke the camel’s back is that she is returning the pizza. She is at Domino’s with two half-eaten pizzas as we speak. Why? They weren’t inedible. Hell, I didn’t even think they were that bad. A little crispier than I’m used to, I like pan crust, but I don’t mind oregano.

But she’s at Domino’s right now trying to get a refund for 2 half-eaten pizzas.


Happy birthday, Joel. Why couldn’t you have told her you wanted a regular pizza?

You do realize that it’ll be your address that will get dinged for this, not the MIL’s. Now whenever you call Domino’s, a little warning sign will come up when they enter your address.


Perhaps you should talk to Joel directly about this rather than posting it in a public forum. I almost feel like I’m one of your family now–and trust me, that’s not a good thing! Unless you like having someone that can belch the alphabet up to the letter ‘G’ hanging around… :wink:

Heh, that’s OK Wabbit. And I will mention it to Joel.

I don’t think he’s too thrilled, either. They came back empty handed. Domino’s offered them a credit, but I think she let them know they’ve lost her business.

I just get frustrated eating out with this lady because she always has a bunch of special instructions for the server, then the ends up sending the food back because something still isn’t right. It’s embarrassing. Joel is always embarrassed, too, but he doesn’t like to say anything. He just says that’s the way she is. But this time it cost the both of us a lunch, too.

And I’m the one that always says that sex is like pizza (or in this case, pizza is like sex): even when it’s bad, it’s good.

Mother-in-law Stories Message Board. Normally I wouldn’t link another board, but I thought I’d offer a place where your partner probably wasn’t a member :wink: (I hope it isn’t out of line)

Great advice and support, and lots of experience with that vile phrase “that’s just the way she is”.

Good luck :frowning:

I hope you can call Dominos and let them know it was your MIL, and not you-no sense in YOU being burned by association.

Why, what will Domino’s do? Will they no longer sell us pizza?

Oh well, I like Figaro’s better, anyway. But this is one more reason to be irritated :frowning:

My humble offering: insamuch as this is The Pit: Oh For Pity’s Sake is out of place.

I felt compelled to read, as it seemed a newborn kitten in a wolves den, and my reading might be sheltering.

The post read, MIL has control issues. Her superiority is assured by denigrating everyone else, regardless of the situation. I’d order her a large pie with all the fixin’s and a two liter bottle of when you’re in my house, you STFU! (You may want to order that for her, to GO) :smiley:

Well, this is pretty minor; I just wanted to vent a little frustration, and not say something that might get me a divorce if Joel does find it. That said, I guess, “Shut the hell up and eat your fucking pizza!” mighta been a more appropriate Pit title.


The plus of this situation is that she paid. It was part of her birthday present to Joel. She ordered, she paid, she complained, she returned the pizzas.

I still don’t know why she ordered the pies she did, considering we never eat pizzas remotely like that, but maybe I’m the controlling bitch who never lets Joel order what he wants! :eek:

You really, really, don’t wanna know what ‘they will do’ if she made enough of a bad impression, and the employees at Domino’s are as bad as, well, fast food employees everywhere.
Go in, figure out who she yelled at, apologize in person for her with a 6-pack of beer in hand for him/her, and explain it was your MOTHER IN LAW. They’ll laugh and you’ll get good service from then on, I would think. q;}