Oh, for the love of...

Watch out for THIS prayer circle! Pat Robertson is praying for resignations of old, sick supreme court justices.


Doesn’t he have a sick relative he’d like to heal?

Let me get this straight. He’s praying for people to DIE. Hm. Well that’s… evangelical of him.
Isn’t he part of the “Right to Life” movement? Or does that only extend as far as my uterus?

He’s not wanting them to die, just to step down. They can retire before they die you know.

I stand corrected. That’s ever so much more Christian of him.

But he’s aiming his prayers toward the sick ones. Helluva guy, huh?

heh…you’d expect that kind of stuff when the phrase ‘legelized homosexual marriages’ comes up…

Hasn’t this twisted b@stard used up all of his putatively “moral” capital yet? Why is anyone taking this moron seriously?

I forwarded the link to several people, one of whom replied:

To which I say: Amen!