Oh GOD no!! Gummy bears!


Okay, I’m the last person to enjoy potty humor, but OMG. (and the guy who did the “review” partially quoted above has GOT to be one of our dopers…too clever).

I binged on sugar free chocolates once.



You know? I’ve tried those as well, and while I did notice some very slight distress (a bit of grumbling, maybe a stomachache), it was nothing like some of those poor people were describing. The one with the preacher about killed me. “Oh my heavenly father, I’m not gonna make it”! And “apocalyptic murder bears”. :smiley: Some of these folks were quite creative.

And then the other commenters who were trying to be helpful, or even slightly scolding “sugar free candy has been proven to cause digestive issues, you really should pay attention to the warnings” and were just completely oblivious to the fact that these other reviews were done tongue in cheek… Somehow that just made it funnier.

The German is, I’m pretty sure, wrong. It should be “Machen Sie Kaffee?”

At least now I know what I should eat if I should ever have to get back on Abilify.

I believe I have recounted one attempt by a lady in a previous job to make a cake for my birthday [ me being diabetic and always refusing to eat office party cake] - she made the ganache for the icing from sugarless chocolate. The bathroom was very popular for a few hours that afternoon … :eek::stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right of course, “our” Dopers would have gotten it right. :smiley:

Actually, I also enjoy potty humor. :smiley:

You have enriched my life with this. While some of the more rococo entries are a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the succinct review referencing ceiling fans!

I liked that one as well! It put me in mind of our own “prehensile rectum” thread.

Close! The correct question would be, “Kochen Sie einen Kaffee?”

Hilariously witty! Love the ideas for gifting “Dad’s fiance” with them too. Come to think of it, I know some frenemies who’d benefit from a lethal dose.

I can eat sugar free stuff with no problem except that I hate the taste and go for the sugared stuff.

I loved the reviews! I shouldn’t laugh at giving it to unsuspecting people, but I do.