Oh goodie. Now we have the political sexist take on who gets to be called "Dr"

I see no reason for her to not use the title. In an informal setting where everyone else is Janet or Bob or Lisa, then insisting on Dr. so and so is pretentious. But if settings where other people are Mr. Smith and Ms. Jones, then Dr. Biden is appropriate.

Sweet Jesus!!

Bottom line: Epstein is an honorary Ph.D. (Projecting his Dishonesty)

(Article is behind a paywall).

Epstein is very upset that they’re giving out doctorates like candy, and yet he still doesn’t have one.

In a news article, or other public reference, I would damn well be expected to be referred to as Dr. Colibri. That’s not “calling oneself a doctor,” that’s accurate reporting of one’s expertise.

I don’t expect to be addressed as “Dr.” in a casual setting, but Jill Biden deserves the title when she is referred to as a public figure.

Epstein’s position is deeply sexist. His use of “kiddo” in referring to Dr. Biden is deliberately offensive unless he happens to be a personal friend of hers.

Ima go way out on a limb and guess he ain’t.

Personally if I had my way, only medical professionals would be called “Doctor” or “Dr.”.

BUT since that train has left the station- he is pretty much wrong, wrong wrong.

Agreed, Deth.

Yep. Holdover from what my co-workers called me when I went to work for the Coroners office for a year.

They already jokingly called me “doc” since I always had aspirin, etc in my desk (“Hey Doc, what do you have for a headache?”. So it became "Doctor Death, but since “deth” is a real welsh name somewhere in my family tree, i went for DrDeth.

However, my D&D character by that name is a real medical doctor, so there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair. Although to be clear I was just kidding about agreeing with you, and was just going for the cheap joke :). I’m totally okay with folks with PhDs using their titles as they see fit, as long as they’re not being dicks about it.

It is not a hill I care to die on.

But I do get a laugh at one of my friends with a PhD in Liberal arts who always uses “Doctor” when introducing himself, only to get lots of medical questions. heheheheheheh

In his defense, apparently Epstein is concerned that “noted homophobe” will be carved on his gravestone, so perhaps he’s just trying to muddy the waters with more generalized asshattery.

No they wont do that. Now that could be burned into the grass over his grave by urine, sure.

Look, the Pubs are in a bit of a bind here. Joe Biden isn’t black, so they can’t accuse him of being born in Kenya. Jill Biden isn’t black, so they can’t make blatantly racist innuendoes. You gotta give 'em something to be hateful about, so they’re going with the “Dr” thing (and Hunter Biden’s laptop). This also works well because most of the troglodytes hold higher education in contempt.

He, on the other hand, can legitimately call himself “Durrrrrrrrr.”

I would argue that reporting on her in this context still counts as a professional setting. Any situation where you’d refer to President-elect Biden, it seems appropriate to refer to his wife as Dr (or the appropriate after titles). You’re using formal titles, after all.

I’d say she should just leave. Gave up on her when she gave her defence of Polankski: “It wasn’t rape-rape.”

This is the whole reason for the rant. When he dies, he want’s someone to care, one way or another.

I earned a PhD (mathematics) and I while I do not insist that people address me as doctor or introduce myself as such, I will correct anyone who calls me mister.

Usually that’s the end of it. Once or twice however, after being corrected, the person, who should have known better, said something along the lines of, “Ooh doctor, can you give me a diagnosis?” I typically reply to this with something along the lines of, “Your crabs have super-herpes.” That then is really the end of it.

“Noted Homophobe” is already too many letters to carve into a tombstone; there’s no way it’s getting appended to “Noted Misogynistic Homophobe”.

Just carve ASSHOLE and be done with it.

That’s “Doctor Kiddo” to you…