Oh, jarbabyj?

Da Bears. WOW!! Hope you tattoo the Clowns in OT.

It ain’t over Till it’s over, but for now:

Did you just see that! Somebody’s looking out for these guys.

Bears 27 Browns 21

It’s over…

I care because:

#1 I picked Chicago in my pool, and:

#2 Now the Ravens have 2nd place in the AFC Central to themselves.

Hey, Bears! Consider.

You just beat the Browns by scoring essentially all your points in the last quarter. Start looking over your shoulder.

OK, this winning by tying the game on the last play and then returning an interception in overtime thing is nice and all, but, seriously, I’m getting too old for this crap.

That was a great game!

Yeah, it’s becoming a bit cliched. And now the other teams will be able to prepare for it: “Watch out, guys, they’re going to score all their points in the fourth and then go for the TD off the pick in OT.”

[sub]ducks, runs[/sub]

Between the Bear’s win and the Yankee’s loss I’m practically delerious.

If only the Packers had lost, yesterday would have been absolutely perfect!


I’m considering going home early from work today…because I cannot speak, nor focus.

I was at the game, in the front row of the upper deck of the ENDZONE WHERE IT ALL HAPPENED.

With five minutes to go, that stadium was emptying out faster than you can say “We Found Anthrax”

I looked at my group of friends and said “we’re staying until the end…my dad would kill me if I didn’t”

and sure enough, the madness ensued.

When I arrived home, jarhubby said “your dad called, he said if you didn’t stay, don’t even bother calling home”

GO BEARS! The Pack Is Our Bitch!


Cool beans, jarbaby! If anyone deserves to have a good seat for a Bears miracle, it’s you. :slight_smile:

Care to put your money/beer/anything else on this upcoming weeks game?

Just a diehard Packer fan wondering if any Bears fans will put up or shut up!

Packers - Da Bears.

Jarbabyj’s fav QB, Brett, will throw for 298 yards and 3 td’s. Yea, a pick and a fumble, but he makes it exciting.
Ahman will run for 198 yards. Chicago hasn’t faced a team with a real O yet.
Kabeer will have at least 2 sacks.

Final score GB 33 Chicago 17

Da Bears. They’ll still be in first when it’s over, for a while… a short while.

Nope, no favoritism here :smiley:

First of all, noone runs on the Bears, not Ahman Green, not Corey Dillon, not anyone. 198 yards rushing is never going to happen. We held Dillon to 30 yards for crying out loud! I admit that I am a little worried about Farve(that is how it’s pronounced, so that’s how I spell it) and the Packer passing game, however. And, I know that if we come out next week and start the game as flat as we have the last two weeks, and if we can’t hold on to the ball, we’ll get creamed.

By the way, we have faced some good offenses, Minnesota only scored 10 and they torched the Packers, Cincinnati scored over 30 on Baltimore and we shut them out, and San Fransisco is pretty good as well and we beat each one of those teams.

Confidence is good, but don’t get blinded by it. We have a dominating defense that isn’t going to just roll over for the Packers. We are going to be pumped for this game. More than for any game so far this year.


OK, so maybe there was a little favoritism there…:wink:


Packer fan looking for jarbabyj or another Bear fan to back up the talk.

That’s what I thought!

Bitch, bitte:

report to this thread for the smack talk, ya’ packer backer.