Oh joy... a double scoping

Lucky me, gotta go in for a endoscopy and a colonoscopy - been putting it off for a few years(54 now) but need to be screened because of family history(paternal aunt with a full colostomy, first cousin with fatal colon cancer, lots of other various family cancers) along with kidney issues(CKD with anemia, persistent high blood calcium after parathyroid removal) Double lucky - gotta do the prep the old fashioned way with a jug of GoLytley instead of a handful of pills. I get to go to the hospital next door to the gastro clinic and get the full treatment. They’ll take a look around from stem to stern, removing any potential bad bits and cauterizing any leakers.

Just another reminder for all, get yer Christmas goose early…

My heartfelt sympathies!

Somewhere, the person exists who used up the very last bit of creativity in his brain by naming that bowel-prep stuff “GoLytely.”

He needs to be beaten to a pulp, chopped into tiny pieces, and set on fire.

Years and years ago, when I had my very first colonoscopy, I was prescribed GoLytely. The original formulation was a solution of salts, and it was beyond hideous.

Subsequent needs for bowl prep I was prescribed the “new improved” GoLytely. It’s the same crud as Miralax, but in a speed-reading format. It is a TEENY TINY bit better than the original, but not much.

The overwhelming overdose of salts in the original was a rough ride for the kidneys.

Invest in Preparation H, Tucks hemorrhoid pads, and very very soft toilet paper.

I’ve had the colonoscopy…drinking that stuff, ugh. The procedure wasn’t bad at all, though. Good luck!

I had both ends done last September–but I was in the hospital with internal bleeding, so they did the endoscopy one day, then the colonoscopy the next day. But first I had to stay five days for the blood thinners I take to get out of my system

For the colonoscopy, I wasn’t “clean” enough inside so they cancelled, and I to wait an additional day. And I had to drink another gallon of that stuff again. Drinking one gallon one night is bad enough, but two nights in a row is just sadistic!

Found nothing, so I’m all set for 10 years.

Oh–was in the hospital because a few days before my doctor had put me on medicine for poison ivy. It had a bad interaction with the blood thinners I was on, and I ended up with internal bleeding and lost 2 pints of blood.

Doctors at the hospital said it was a fluke, but I have to be extremely careful of any new medications in the future.

As for GoLytely, get it as cold as possible and drink it with a straw to try to bypass as much of your tongue as possible. Then watch the Bill Engvall colonoscopy video. You’ll be laughing too hard to care about the colon prep effects.

I’ve told the people that I don’t care about the procedure. I want to be put under anesthesia for the PREP.


I had to start early (age 46) due to family history. Due to my own situation (yes, they found something to remove, but it was small and non-cancerous), I get to go every 5 years.

I didn’t have as much problem with the prep as my husband, who threw up. So I’m glad I’m the one who has the 5 year plan, and not him.

That’s what I did–used a straw. Was given that advice when I had my first colonoscopy four years ago. And I mixed in Ginger Ale soda.

Then I had to drink that stuff twice last year–the straw helped a lot. I drank the entire gallon each time in less than 2 hours.

I’ve had half a dozen c-scopes over the last 25 years, most recently in 2019. The first two times I had to ingest the old-fashioned Golytely (sp?) which was indeed ghastly, but since then the preps have gotten progressively easier to swallow (giggle) and last year’s was the easiest yet.
It had a name that was similar to Golytely (Gogently or something similar IIRC), but was merely what I would call “momentarily unpleasant.” Prep day isn’t nearly the ordeal it once was.


I was given a box of Suprep for this past go around. Vaguely supposed to be some sort of citrus flavoring. 2 little bottles and a 16 oz cup, so you mix one bottle with another 8 oz water, then drink 32 oz water. I grabbed a 3 liter soda bottle from recycling [our roomie likes soda, blech] and I just added the 32 + 8 oz water and the bottle of suprep in, and it diluted the horrible taste down to where I could easily cover it with some lemon juice and splenda for a light lemonade.

I can recommend this one for not being too horrible, I only crapped my brains out for 3 days instead of the usual 5 or 6 days. But then I sort of cheated by only doing the one bottle instead of 2 - I pretty much stopped eating solid food the morning of the day before I needed to do the suprep so I didn’t have a lot to clear out.

Now they have holiday-themed versions. I prefer the Christmas stuff, “Holly GoLytely.”

I was scoped for the first time last December. I used Suprep, and followed the instructions to the letter. Overall, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. The prep was the worst part, and even that wasn’t so bad.

I got a double scoping as well. I asked the doctor to please either use a different scope for each end, or at least do the colonoscopy first. :wink:

ETA: Actually, now that I think about it, it was December 2018. Time flies…

There’s flavoring stuff you can get to make the prep a little more palatable. (Significantly more palatable, IMHO.) I forget what it’s called. Maybe somebody here can help us out with that.

It consists of yellowish sparkly little crystals and comes in little packets like those packets of Splenda at restaurants. Mix it into your beverage and it turns it into lemonade.

I suggest that drinking it with a straw isn’t the most optimal choice – it just prolongs the gustatory experience. I say, just chug-a-lug the whole thing in as few big gulps as you can.

Okay, Google helped me out here. It’s called Crystal Light, although similar products exist in other brands too. It comes in many flavors. You would definitely want to avoid any of the darker flavors. Stick with lemonade flavor.

It claims to have “no artificial sweeteners”, but I don’t know how they get away with that. It has aspartame. Opinions differ about how safe that is, or any other artificial sweetener. That’s only going to be a problem (if at all) for anyone who drinks the stuff regularly.

Guzzling aspartame for one day isn’t going to hurt you.

That should be: “…at least do the colonoscopy last.” :smack:

Another member of the Both Ends Every Five Years club. From what I’ve heard, Suprep is a slightly more civilized version of the colon blow. “Eating” a low volume diet of bone broth and clear protein drinks the day before helps. Just be sure to avoid anything red, purple, or orange.

Condolences. I’m due for that, had it done twice before (I’m 48). I have GERD and an increased chance of esophageal cancer. They zapped a benign polyp last time.

Oh! I must share!

At my last colonoscopy, I was allowed COFFEE and COLA during The Purge.

I’ve got a load of Crystal Light lemonade powder to add to the prep swill, along with straight-up lime juice and diet Vernor’s ginger ale to help kill the taste.

Aaaand, to throw another clinker into the system, my insurance coverage is “out of network” unless I get scheduled three counties away in a different hospital system not affiliated with any of my doctors or specialists :mad: :mad: :mad: UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FUCKIN’ NOW!!.. ok, tantrum over for the moment.

Don’t worry too much about it. The procedure itself is not the big deal ppl make it out to be, if they knock you out (which they *usually *do, I’ve only had one procedure when I was awake). You don’t remember it, your butt doesn’t hurt afterwards. . .maybe your throat will be a little sore from the endoscopy, but it didn’t bother me much. It’s the prep, the putting aside a day, the needing a ride, and dealing with the insurance that is the hassle. The big thing is, you’ll probably be a bit gassy afterwards, and *maybe *you’ll have some gas pains before you expel it.

Back when I still had a colon, I used to sit on something during the car ride to and from a colonscopy. You don’t wanna be in the car with gas pains when you gamble and lose. My colon was pretty messed up, so I somehow retained a fair amount of. . .output. . .even through the colonoscopy. I can’t imagine how that’s even possible, but nothing good came of it on the ride home.

The Crystal Light powder was a good move. I’d have suggested it if hadn’t already come up. I’ve used it myself. Charge your phone or tablet up for your toilet time. Sounds like you’re well-prepared, so this won’t be a problem for you. I’d wish you good luck, but I think I’ll save it for a time when you actually need it. :slight_smile: You got this.