Oh joy. Repsond to a Fed. Indictment by climbing a bell tower.

Well, it seems that Philly Councilman Mariano, who has recently been indicted by the Fed, not only managed to get indiected, but also hinted that it is because he is white (!).

Well, Councilman Mariono’s response has been to climb the Bell tower of City Hall for pruposes unkown, but it can’t be good.

Wish I had a link folks, but its unfolding as I type.

When you’re under indictment by the Feds for corruption, there’s only one reason to climb a tower.

I’m sure he’s innocent. :rolleyes:

They’ve changed the title of the story since I linked to it.

Here’s the screen I saw first.

He’s up, he’s down, he’s all over the place.

Man, I was so hoping this was going to be about Tom DeLay.

No, he’s more likely to climb a bell tower with a rifle…

Yes, but is he a Democrat or a Republican? Because, if he’s a Dem and they didn’t mention it, then it must be the Damn Liberal Media® at work again.

Curse the Man, always trying to keep the Man down.

Well, he was going to go to the Empire State Building, but with the new King Kong movie coming out this year, he didn’t want to look like a geeky fanboy.

Does Councilman Mariano have really bad posture?

Everybody agreed on that while Mariano was still in the tower. The media stated that they had received erroneous reports that he had threatened to jump. An ambulance was on hand just in case Mariano did decide to jump, and made it through the glass and metal encasing the observation deck. Another Doper pointed out that Mariano has concealed weapon permit. So, there was a chance he’d gone into the tower to shoot himself . (Later, Mariano’s staff said he’d been unarmed at the time)

My theory is-
I suspect based on Mariano’s speech, and body language during an interview earlier in the day, and his posture and body language while being lead through Suburban station, he was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Upset over the indictment, Mariano drank and/or took something before the first interview. Later, feeling melancholy, he climbed the tower so he could be alone with a great view while ingesting more mind altering substance. By the time people began to worry where Mariano was, he’d reached near incoherence. This lead people to worry he was suicidal. After he’d sobered up a bit, Street convinced him to come out of the tower and took steps to obscure the truth.

Note that despite the camera lights on Mariano, the commissioner, and whatzizname as they walk through Suburban station, Mariano is the only one wearing sunglasses. The other men do not seem to be squinting against the lights or otherwise have trouble seeing. The sunglasses seem to be there just to hide Mariano’s eyes. Note also that Mariano said nothing to anybody during the walk.

Did Mariano ever deny the charges levelled against him?

"He was sitting up there for more than an hour,
Way up there on the Texas Tower
Shooting from the twenty-seventh floor. Yahoo!"