Oh, Look, It's an Inflatable Ferrari Knock-Off Electric Car

Unfortunately, I can’t find a better image of it than the red one on this page.

Okay, so because NASA dropped a couple of probes on a planet with one quarter of the gravity of Earth and their machines turned out okay, I’m supposed to believe that I’ll be nice and safe when a five thousand pound SUV, driven by a soccer mom, yammering away on her cellphone about how much last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives resembled her life, comes careening at me and all that stands between me and 500 lbs of chromed bumper is a freakin’ balloon? :dubious:

At worst, the car will pop like a soap bubble, and I’ll wind up splattered all over the front of her SUV. At “best,” I’ll bounce off her front end, be sent careening all over the highway, ricocheting off everything that’s metal, and wind up (even if I’m belted in) with whiplash in every part of my body. Yeah, this sounds like a great idea for a car. :rolleyes:

I’ll wait until it’s more than a 3D mockup before deciding between :cool: or :dubious:.

At the moment, I’ll have to lean towards :dubious:.

or the basis for a hell of an amusemnt park ride…extreme bumper cars…

The FAQ is hilarious:

Right, so apparently the manufacturer is making no effort whatever to ensure that the vehicle is road-legal.

Oh, well, as long as I can plug in my iPod…and what the flippin’ 'eck are ‘solar mounts’ and ‘battery clubs’?

Nevertheless, I’m predicting a lot of these things running around covered in duct-tape patches…

Hmmmm, duct tape silver, the new Ferrari colour.

Hmmmm, duct-tape silver, the new Ferrari colour.

Modern duct tape is available in many enjoyable colors, including both a matte and glossy black, and a very sporty red just perfect for inflatable sports cars.

I can’t claim to have huge experience with them, but while I was in the Navy we had use of a Zodiac-type small boat (A RHIB, actually - Rigid Hull, Inflatable Body) which was used in all sorts of conditions. That sucker was pretty tough. When we went through that huge Atlantic storm in '93, ISTR we had one on board, and it was fine. (This was the same storm that knocked the main gun off it’s mounting for one of the ships in the task group.) I’m not saying that I’d be thrilled to ride the car, without seeing some crash test data. What I will say is that I will wait until I can see that data before I make up my mind.

I would buy an inflatable car if the performance numbers are good enough – so it could keep up in highway traffic. Though I’d be worried that it might blow off the road in moderate to high winds, so I’d want to see some test results about that too. I can’t afford two cars, one for distance and one for local commuting, so if it couldn’t handle both tasks it wouldn’t do for me.

Yes, but how many of the people who will buy these knock-offs will go to the trouble of finding these “designers” duct-tapes ? :smiley:

Might as well just go ahead and make it amphibious, don’t you think? I’d buy an inflatable amphibious car.

Especially if it can fly too. Can I have an inflatable amphibious flying car?

Oh, you mean like on several of the bridges in the Bay Area, which is where these inflatable jokes are being developed? Just recently a big rig got blown over on the San Rafael Bridge, what chance does a balloon car have?