Oh Lord, I Gone and Done It (Malicious Email)

Is this a milestone in becoming an old person? A malicious attachment came through my work email from a corporate email address, it looked legit, and I was super distracted. I think I may have executed it. Or maybe I meant to execute it and walked away while I was clicking. Either way, my system is compromised now. It was disguised as an 11k zip file. I’m not sure what it could be. I just finished a run with AVG, which detected nothing, and I’m doing Avast next.

How good are these programs, really? If they come up clean, am I good? I don’t want to use a machine that might have something nasty on it, like a keylogger. Am I better off just scrapping things and doing a full wipe? Where’s my social security check? Why doesn’t ice cream taste as good as it did when I was young? Get off my lawn!

Go download Malwarebytes from Malwarebytes.org.

I will do that, and thank you, but to the original question: how confident can I bet in software like this?

If it’s something they’ve encountered before, or are being reported now, it’s a pretty good bet that the threat will be neutralized. You may need to take some manual steps if it’s a particularly nasty one.

If you’re the first person to encounter this particular nastiness, not so much.

Get SpyHunter if you think the registry might have been compromised.

Was this on your personal computer? Don’t connect or even send email to a corporate network until the corporate sysadmins are satisfied. How good are your backups? As mentioned upthread, if the malware is new, then repair programs are unlikely to find it and will report a clean system-false negative. If you can, a clean wipe will be sure to make it go away.

I agree - reformat your drive and start over. Malwarebytes is very very good, but nothing beats that fresh OS feeling.

Then find the person who introduced malware to the corporate network and rain blood and terror upon him to the seventh generation.