Oh man, I'm so bad with faces. Help with Inland Empire, please

I don’t know that it makes sense to spoiler-box info about a movie like this, but just in case:

Toward the end, Nikki/Sue ends up shooting a man, or something. Who was that man?


Toward the end, there is apparently a reunion between the tv-watching girl and a man and their kid. Who was that man? And do we know the tv watching girl from any scenes other than her watching tv?

My wife hates this about watching movies with me. I’m always having to ask “who is that again?” I just can’t keep track of faces for some reason. In a Lynch movie, with its tenous grasp on identity already built in, you can imagine the problem is multiplied.


Haven’t yet seen it, but because it’s Lynch my guess is your inability to recognize people’s faces has little to do with your confusion. This ‘explanation’ of the movie seems to have some answers. I may be misinterpreting or flat out wrong, but the first answer is ‘her demons’ and the second is ‘her husband, who is not abusive.’ I’m probably wrong.

Thanks for the link*. I hope someone can tell me whether the two people I mentioned had already shown up elsewhere in the movie or whether they were new faces.


*It’s a terrible explanation though IMO. I don’t even think it’s necessarily true that the protagonist is an actor or anyway, is working on the film depicted. It’s a “remake,” as they said, but not (as they said) of an older unfinished movie, but rather, of her own unfinished life… ooooo, deeeep… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the guy she shot was the Phantom, the force for evil that imprisoned the crying woman; the ‘little boy who went out and evil went with him’, mentioned by Visitor No 1. His one-legged sister appears right near the end of the movie, but she, as far as I can make out, is a force for good.

That’s my take anyway, but with this film a thousand and one other interpretations are equally valid.