Oh my darling...

I know the holidays are approaching when Clementines make their first appearance (well, them and Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale–but I digress). Is there any way to tell which are seedless? Brand, if nothing else? I’d buy three or four of the little cases at a time, but last year I got screwed several times when they ended up with seeds in them. Price may have been the tip-off, although it was towards the end of the season and they may have just been trying to get rid of them. So I see them for the first time this year, at $5.99 a case, and only get one figuring they must have seeds. Lo and behold, not one seed amongst them. Again, any way to tell?

And by the way, my supposition is that these are Mandarin oranges–is that correct?

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From: http://newcrop.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/mandarin_orange.html