Oh. My. Freaking. God. (Reflections on the Rory Block show)

I have just seen the best concert ever performed. Rory Block is a freakin’ genius. She played a two-hour set. With three encores. I’m still vibrating like a tuning fork over here.

I was ten feet away from her. She played my two favorite songs I’ve ever heard her sing–“Joliet Bound” and “Big Road Blues”. She did four Robert Johnson songs. Plus two from Tommy Johnson, and one from Son House (with whom she actually studied). Her two acapella numbers literally brought tears to my eyes.

I can’t express in words how wonderful this show was. I can’t stop smiling. I bought three CD’s at the concert; she autographed one of them (only one, at my request–“Mama’s Blues”), and she also signed my ticket stub.

It was the best show ever. And I got to see it. I’ll have that forever.

So, any other Rory Block fans out there?