Oh my Lord, Netflix and TiVo connect...

Story is here.

My 2 favorite viewing services gettin’ hitched… the possibilities are endless. I may never leave my couch again.

whoooaaaa…now that might convince me to get TiVo! :cool:

Yes, please.

This would be the best thing since some klutz got peanut butter in the other guy’s chocolate.

meh…get back to me when you can download and burn the stuff to DVD for later watching. Sounds like stuff you’d have to rent, they would delete it off the drive after a certain amount of time.

Yeah, but if I could legally download a movie and burn it to a DVD, I’m guessing they’d charge me ~$20 per, that is, roughly the price it costs to buy a DVD nowadays. Either that, or you’re talking about pirating, which I’m pretty sure you can do right now if you know the right Web sites.

I see this as a way to cut out the snail mail part of Netflix. I get my movie downloaded to my Tivo at say, 3 am, and then I can watch it until I want to delete it. I can’t burn to DVD or tape, and I can’t get more than 3 or 5 or 8 movies at a time, depending on my Netflix subscription. When I’m ready to delete it, I just hit delete rather than having to send it back, and my Tivo notifies Netflix to send me the next movie in the queue.


Bah! I have a Series 1 TIVO, which means I won’t be able to do this.