Oh my, that WAS a dead body...

I saw being dragged from the Schuylkill River yesterday.


Time (a bit after 6:30 PM) and place (Walnut Street bridge) check out. The poor guy was only a short way downstream of the bridge. I didn’t see his face; the police kept him face down, perhaps on purpose, and covered him with a blue tarp as soon as he was safely stowed on the fantail, or whatever they call that “back porch” feature at the stern of a motorboat. For that reason and because the body seemed a bit stiff (but I haven’t seen many dead bodies, so what do I know?) I did wonder if I might have stumbled on some police training excercise, so I checked the news this morning. Not an exercise.

So if you’re in the Philadelphia area and know a white guy, probably young, reasonably athletic build, who was wearing dark shorts, dark short-sleeved shirt and athletic shoes (no socks) yesterday and isn’t around today, and he might have been near the river (especially the river park–that seems likelier to me; falling from any of the bridges would probably leave you too injured to call for help), you might want to contact the police.

Wow, that poor man.

When I was doing my morning commute to work last September (I bike to work primarily along a trail) I came across this. In the photo in the article the body’s completely covered, but when I went past (there’s a bit of grass off camera that the crime scene tape didn’t extend to) I got a full view of the guy’s face which was uncovered. I know this comes across as crass, but he seriously looked like a mannequin. It was fairly disturbing and I never found out what exactly happened.

I am fine. Thank you for your concern.

Never seen a “floater”, but got to watch them haul off a body they found across the street from me in Vegas years ago. Found him under an over-turned couch in a vacant lot I used to ride my motorcycle in from time to time.

Recently, I came upon the scene of an ATV vs. Prius accident on the highway about a mile from home. ATV guy was crossing the road and didn’t look very hard. NHP was just pulling the sheet over the guy as I drove past on the shoulder. Dude left a little spot right in the middle of the lane.

Its gone now.

One of the earliest memories I have is when officials were booming Lake Cumberland for a dead body. It’s a very eerie sound.