Oh no, the Reader has annoyed the Gods.

I haven’t read a real-life paper copy of the Reader in years. So, I wasn’t fortunate enough to see this.

Which of course, is great stuff, unless you’re one of those people with no sense of humor.

Even better is the picture they had ready in case McCain had won.

You have to employ some awful logic to assume the cover implied Obama will screw up because he’s black. It plainly didn’t. I guess we’re probably in for a lot of this kind of thing in the next few months in particular.

I love how the first conclusion is that it was clearly racially motivated. Certainly nobody would be concerned about the possibility of us having elected another Jimmy Carter.

Some people need to have ther lips ripped off and soaked in scalding hot coffee.
ETA: Kids in the Hall: “Black Boyfriend” anyone? anyone?

I don’t get the offense at all. I think it’s great! But you’re right, the McCain one was even better (but thank Og we didn’t get that one!).

Some people have must’ve had their humor button removed or something.

I didn’t understand the controversy until I read the article, some people think that’s actually racially motivated? Oh come on! Does that mean that his wife is a racist?

The McCain one was hilarious though, even though I predicted what it said before I saw it.

Images here.

Seems to me like some sort of meteorological phenomenon in a vessel intended for brewing hot caffeinated beverages.

A storm in a samovar?

I think the negative reactions were provoked because we are so early in the honeymoon. Don’t criticise our leaders, they’re doing the best they can!

Maybe it’ll sell more papers.

Get used to this bullshit. The offenderatti are probably masturbating to the news that’s there’s a black president-elect, planning on crying ‘racism’ at every insanely derived opportunity.

Oh, balls. Have the black people I know have the exact same attitude.

A Katrina in a kettle.

I’m not quite seeing the humor (McCain’s is funnier), but it’s definitely not racial.

Ha! Those are great!

Weirdly enough, that cover represents almost exactly what I would like to say to the man in the extremely unlikely event I were ever granted the opportunity to shake his hand. “Congratulations. It is a wonderful time to be an American. For the first time in generations, we have an opportunity to reach for real greatness. Now please, for the love of God, do not fuck it up.”

I’ve been reading the comments on the Chicago Reader’s blog, more fool me. Sigh.

Way back in the spring, I remember telling a friend, “I’ve had six or seven years as an enemy of the state because I don’t adore George Bush. I’m really not looking forward to being an enemy of the people because I don’t adore Barack Obama.”

But here we go. Four, probably eight, more years of “How dare you? What is wrong with you? You can’t say that about Our President!” Just change the faces of the Anti-Skeptic Patrol, and replace “Why do you hate America?” with “Why don’t you want a black President to succeed?”

I’d say “Get used to it”, but we’re already used to it, aren’t we?

I followed the link to “celebs who lean to the right” at the top of that article (I’m bored) and while most of them didn’t surprise me, Stephen Baldwin?? “outspoken Christian conservative”???! He has a Christian ministry and a book? Wow. All I can say is, he must have changed a lot since I knew him, back when he was one of the more reliable regulars at the strip club I worked at.

ETA: of course, it’s quite likely he has changed. Lord knows I have. His opinion of me at the time was that I was crazy, and he was pretty much right about that, though I don’t consider that to be true any more.

I love that family. Another of the Lesser Baldwins used to do drugs and steal cars with a friend of mine…