"OH OH MR. KOTT...uh, God?" [Death of Ron "Horshack" Palillo]

Ron Palillo, aka “Horshack”, passed away:

He joins Robert Hegyes, aka “Epstein”, who passed in January.


Same partner for over 41 years.


Just saw it on the internet. He was 63.

Looking him up on the iMDB, I’m surprised to see that he played Arnold Horshack in two other TV shows (one-shot appearances)

Didn’t notice this other thread:


It’s crossover work like that that makes the Tommy Westphall universe work.

RIP, Ron.

Ooh! Ooh! I merged the threads!

moyged, I would think.


I even scrolled down in Cafe Society to see if anyone else had started a thread. I must have missed it. Thank you Marley23.

Too bad. At least some crazy chick on a sitcom had the hots for him. Weird type of fame for that guy.

That’s the second Sweathog this year (Juan Epstein earlier). I’d say Vinnie and Boom Boom better be watching their backs.

Arnold Horshack–Ron Palillo–has passed. It was one of the first non-children’s shows I remember watching. I have no idea if it was great or great for six year olds, but I loved it.
RIP Arnold. I hope someone’s telling you good jokes in heaven.
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Debralee Scott (“Hotsy” Totsy) died in 2005, also. Not nearly as big a role as the others, but she had a long-lived effect on some of us who were young and impressionable back then. :slight_smile:

Also: could we get the title edited one more time to correct Ron’s last name? It’s Palillo.

Merged duplicate threads, and corrected spelling of Mr. Palillo’s name in the thread title.

Now they’re gonna embalm him. Presumably by going up his nose with a rubber hose. :frowning:

Two sweathogs in only a few months time. Ron was only 63. Robert Hegyes was 60. Way too young.

Mr Kotter (Gabe Kaplin) is still going strong at 67.

R.I.P. Ron

Thanks, twicks!

Jeez, I’m old. :frowning: