Oh say can you seeEEEeee...

that this teacher’s insane?
In the latest “teachers behaving badly” news, a high-school teacher begins cutting a student’s hair while singing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Of course, she’s insane. Everybody knows you need four people for a barbershop quartet. :smiley:

What was the teacher supposed to sing? “On Top Of Old Smokey”?

From the link in the OP: “She is a loving and kind lady. She is usually all smiles and laughs.”

Can you say “Stepford Smiler”?

I’m thinkin’ something by CSNY.

That’s bizarre to say the least and I can’t even guess what was going on there, but it reminded me of an incident that occured when I was in Junior High School, 54 years ago. It was not long after the Beatles hit big. One of the football players had let his hair grow beyond school standards (it was barely touching his ears) and was told to get a haircut. When he didn’t, the principal and two other teachers lured him to the metal shop room, tied him up, and cut his hair with shop shears. You can imagine the result. His parents sued the school district and it became front page news. The school board (probably reluctantly) sided with the parents and the principal was asked to leave. I don’t know if the other two teachers suffered any consequences.

No one involved was reported to have sung the Star Spangled Banner during the whole thing, but I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Maybe she was auditioning for a musical.


I thought it was insanity too but apparently she had other similar incidents? What is the whole story?

Students report that she had a “meltdown” two days prior, something about a missing test and accusing them of stealing it.

She obviously suffered some form of mental breakdown. I think it’s a situation where outrage needs to be tempered with compassion.

Easy to say when you’re not the one sporting a new do.

That two week suspension for being unfit for service two years ago should have been a warning sign.

She has been fired, arrested, and charged.

“She is usually all smiles and laughs.”

So’s the Joker but I wouldn’t want him near me with a sharp blade.

She’s in California, has a long history of working in education, and (per her Facebook page) is a Trump supporter. Did he say anything about those wildfires recently?

Well, hair grows back. This woman clearly needs psychological help.

No wonder she has unresolved tonsorial issues.