Oh Seriously!!! re: Bernie Sanders, Mental Health

I’m a Clinton supporter and a recipient of multiple psychiatric diagnoses. No connection is to be inferred.

I don’t feel the Bern, but getting upset and trying to make a volatile political issue of Sanders’ throwaway line about how a glance at the Republican lineup tells you why we need to invest in mental health is ridiculous.

If this persists in the media, I hope Clinton, in her next turn at the mike at the next debate, says “Bernie, we’re all sick and tired of hearing about your damn mental health statement”.
Bloody hell. Where is the local branch office of the Department of the Perpetually Offended? I want to have a word with them. Look, folks: I don’t know where you got the idea that it makes a population appear more confident and socially viable if they whimper about every tiniest perceived slight, but I think you should rethink that one. Wanna do something about the circumstances of folks with psychiatric diagnoses? Fine, make an issue of the conditions of group homes, halfway houses; raise hell about discrimination and unequal treatment by employers, insurance carriers, law enforcement agencies and their officers. Or, hell, print up some goddam tee shirts that say “I’m schizophrenic and I vote”. I’ll buy one and I’ll wear it in public.

Bernie Sanders wants to invest more money in mental health. A lot of what falls under the rubric of mental health is coercive in my opinion: aggressive outreach, involuntary treatment, mandatory screening, etc. If you have reason to think some of his initiatives, whether real or potential, would be politically problematic, make your point, and I might well agree with it.

But sulking around going “Waaah, Bernie Sanders said mean things about us, he implied that Republican candidates might have mental health issues, and he wasn’t serious, so he was making fun of us, waaah!” just makes you look ridiculous. And you make me look ridiculous by association. In fact, regardless of whatever image you wish to present to the world on our collective behalf, in my opinion you aren’t improving on the existing image of us as berserk drooling rampaging nutcases.

Oh wait. You aren’t us. You’re the fucking National Alliance on Mental Illness. You’re composed mostly of embarrassed family members and a double handful of lobbyists all trying to speak for us. You were so happy when modern pharmaceutical psychiatry came along and said that nope, it wasn’t your fault and Freud was full of it and your bungled attempts at potty training have nothing to do with us being nuts. Yeah, I can understand that. But STFU. You want to talk about stigma, I’ll tell you about stigma. Stigma is when you don’t get to speak for yourself and the people who set themselves up to speak for you without your consent in the matter describe you as helpless and so pathetically vulnerable that no one can ever ever make a joke about you. Uh uh. We aren’t farts. We aren’t something that everyone else in the room should refer to only in the most clinically polite language. We’re people who have chosen to speak on our own behalf. Nothing about us without us, baby.

And leave Bernie Sanders alone. He’s probably more on your side than I am. And generally speaking he’s one of the good guys even if he isn’t my first choice for Prez.

This really got my goat. The GOP, and especially their 2016 crop of presidential candidates, are demonstrably fucking nuts. And I’m mentally ill myself, so I can say that.

Bernie said nothing but the truth and I’m really baffled by how the people who normally support him for his progressive politics threw him under the bus like that. It really makes me want to go full-Limbaugh on the “PC police” crowd. Normally when I hear “politically correct” I think it’s just an excuse for racists to whine, but good lord, this takes the cake.

And I fully concur with your point about how encouraging people to walk on eggshells around you is far more stigmatizing than whatever the original offense was.

But, you’re mentally ill yourself, so why should we believe you? :wink:

I know, I know . . . “I’m in here because I’m crazy, not stupid!”

No, I think the notion is merely that that’s a good way to score points in a primary or election campaign.

It’s politics. You’ll get people saying that people who vote for Sanders are sexist, people who vote for Trump are lower class, people who vote for Cruz are backwards etc…

Manufactured outrage, in other words. Yeah. Hence me calling bullshit.

In my Facebook feed, at least, it was people who normally support Sanders saying “for shame, I hate to see my guy making crude derogatory jokes like this” as if he openly mocked disabled people like Trump did. It’s the liberal snake eating its own tail.

I would venture that as much as 10%-20% of the drug-addicted or prison population is affected to some degree by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. After witnessing it’s effects first hand, this would not surprise me in the least. It’s certainly worth a study.

I’d say claiming that the Republican Presidential candidates show mental illness insults the mentally ill, myself.


Hear, hear. Insightful as always, AHunter3.

Maybe so, but what’s that got to do with this?

Quasi related aside: I did find a social media post that listed reasons why all the candidates, even Sanders, “hates” the disabled, this joke line among them (on one hand, I do wonder about over sensitivity, and on the other hand, I’m not the one feeling belittled and ignored, and I can easily see how the disabled would feel that way). They include support of military action overseas that will create more disabled and not wanting to tear down capitalism (apparently, this person thinks capitalism is incapable of caring for or about the disabled, and their username implies belief in Communism, so there you go).