Oh she Rocks!

Did anyone else see highlights of that damn Divas concert thingammy?
How to ruin a classic:

  1. Take Celine Dion
  2. Let her sing an AC/DC song.
    I couldn’t believe it, Celine bloody Dion does “You Shook me all night long”.
    Oh yeah, you rock baby :rolleyes:
    Anyone else think of a worse cover?

Phenix TX has just done a version of Billy Ocean’s “Get into My Car”

Which is bad because the origional version sucked.

How about Tiffany doing “I Saw [Him] Standing There”?

Or is my age showing?

When I told her about it just now, my sister thought that the Celine Dion cover was funny. That is not the word I’d use for it, myself. I’d be inclined to agree with what my brother might say, and that would be that it was a travesty!

How about Britney Spears doing any Cannibal Corpse song. :eek:

IMHO, Celine Dion is not a singer. A few months ago she did a song originally sung by Marylin McCoo, One Less Bell to Answer on VH1. Geeeood, it was terrible. What does anybody see in her?

Devo’s cover of NIN’s “Head Like a Hole” is pretty bad, but in a rather enjoyable way.
Their cover of the Roling Stone’s “Satisfaction,” on the other hand…

Oh, and who could forget Britany Spears’ cover of “I love Rock and Roll.”

This is a perfect example of why I voted for the Barf Smilie!

A middle-aged man walked into the store where I worked and commented on the new Celine Dion CD, to the effect of “I like her music. She’s kinda hot, too.” Left me gasping for breath.

Plus, the sadists at Corporate HQ play her music on the speaker system.

I want to do a cover of a Pink Floyd song.

Oh, and I hate hate hate that Devo/NIN cover. It’s one of the reasons my co-worker is no longer allowed to play his iPod such that I can hear it at work. :mad:

Celine Dion covering AC/DC? Yikes!

Here is another thread from last month that applies.

The worst cover I have ever heard was a male country singer covering the song “I need a man with a slow hand”, converting it to “You need a man with a slow hand” taking the song from sleazy to really sleazy and patronizing

I now have the greatest image of a Britney concert going typically until one change of clothes/fireworks spectacular ends to find her on stage with an angry looking band.

Britney then drops her shoulders back, cranes her head slightly forward and moves her eyes up to look at the crowd, and like a scene from “The Exorcist” she growls in perfect Death Metal style…


As the Britney fans gasp collectively and instinctively begin reach to gather their coolers of Pepsi with the plan of heading for the door they are hit by the first wave of machine-gun drums and buzzsaw guitars. They forget the Pepsi, running in a blind panic, clutching their ears as Britney “Corpsegrinder” Spears roars impossibly fast in to her boom mic. They slam in to each other in a terrible mindless fear, and few make it to the doors. The rest are left bellowing on the ground for hours, through encore after encore. When the band finally stops, it takes days for rescue workers to dig through the rubble and gather the dazed Britney fans, who for the rest of their lives twitch and shout at the first hint of bubble-gum sweetness.


Mel C (Sporty Spice) singing “Anarchy in the UK”

She changed the lyrics to

“I am an Anti-Christ,
I am Sporty Spice”
Pure evil.

Sean Puffy Comb’s tribute to…who was it…I don’t listen to rap…either Tu-Pac or Nitorious B.I.G…anyway, his remake of Sting’s “Every Breath You Take”.
Elwood “Sundown”
And there was some woman…I can’t think of who it is, anyway, she did something like an easy listening version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Conway Twitty, was the original singer of that song, back in the early 70’s.
The Pointer Sisters covered it and changed the words to “I need a man with a slow hand.” Which IMHO, made it sightly less creepy.