Oh shut UP already, Louie!

I am speaking of Louis Farrakhan, who stated that Mr. Leiberman cannot be a good vice president because he has dual-citizenship with America and Israel.
He doesn’t have “dual-citizenship”, of course, but here is just another example of Mr. F’s anti-semitism.
Can’t his “followers” see him as the nut job he is?

Just my 2 cents…

Couldn’t Hitler’s followers? Nah. I think nutjobitude is for some reason ingrained in controversal leaders. Go figure.

Um, arguably Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were “controversial leaders…”

…not comparing Mr. Farrakhan, whom I consider a twit, with either of those gentlemen… just a thought. As the fellow said, “all generalizations are incorrect.”

That’s why you should not vote for John F. Kennedy. He’s responsible to the Pope first and formost. The Holy See would direct all policy.
Keep America American. Vote Nixon/Lodge!

Are you saying they weren’t nutjobs? Ghandi starved himself almost to death to prove a point, and Nelson let himself be locked in prison.

It takes a) Balls b) Craziness or c) A little of both to do that sort of thing.

friedo *Ghandi starved himself almost to death *

I have had to speak to you people before about writing “Ghandi” for “Gandhi”. Don’t make me come over there. And that goes for those of you who spell “Buddhist” as “Bhuddist”, too.

Exactly. Nixon has proven himself to be an honest man with integrity. Kennedy would turn the United States into a colony of the Vatican.

Cute, vanilla. Not funny, but cute.

s the ZOG! the ZOG! they’re coming to make us part of Israel! The Jew is holding us down, repressing us! They control the media, film, banking and business!

Seriously, fuck Calypso Louie, his followers, Pat Robertson, Buchanon, and any other anti-semite nitwit who think Lieberman is here as part of some grand-fucking-plan to take over the country and convert all of the law-abiding, Jesus-loving, Christians into Jews.
He’s just a guy! He’s not some “Cosmopolitan” who is trying to fool us all into voting him into office. He’s not gonna hang Stars of David on the walls of the Whitehouse, he’s not gonna make all of congress observe Jewish Holidays, he’s not gonna make his aides convert to Judaism, and he’s not gonna change your faith, or your family’s faith from the whitehoue either.
Bah! I’m sick of it all. I’m glad Lieberman got nominated, it’s a real accomplishment for him, and an amazing achievement for a Jew to get anywhere the whitehouse in a position such as he is going for, but I’m sick and fucking tired of all of the anti-semites and bullshit extremists coming out of the woodwork. I’ve expected it since the nomination, and it can only get worse as the election draws nearer.

Oh, and fuck the NAACP too, Bigot assholes.