Oh, Thank Goodness! I have Plantar Fascciitis!

Instead of Diabetes! :rolleyes: No, you can’t cut my foot off, Dammit! Even if you want to. Somebody off-hand told me,* “Oh, yeah, that foot pain, that’s diabetes! You’re gonna lose that shit, like Patrice O’Neal”.


*Goddamn foot. Goddamn Non-ski season. Everything goes to Shit. :mad: Stickers in my socks, holes, crappy shoes that last a month. :mad: And they won’t fit between the gas and brake pedal of my car.

If I could drive in my ski boots, I would wear them every day.

Just pissed that it won’t snow. Nothing to see here…



Ted is a Hair-Beast!

… and that’s why you should go to a doctor for a diagnosis rather than lay people…

I had it a few months ago. It SUCKS. I was using a cane to make it 2 blocks to the bus stop.

I don’t know what they told you to do to treat it, but get yourself one of these puppies and roll it under your foot as often, and as hard, as you can stand it to stretch out the planta fascia. A frozen water bottle works, too.


You’ve been to the doctor, right? So you’ll know that a rolling pin will work wonders. And do those stair exercises.

PF sucks donkey balls.

My wife got permanent relief from cortisone shots. The pain came back a few weeks after the first, but has been gone completely for several years after the second shot. Ask your doctor about it.

Alternatively, find yourself some more intelligent lay people.

Years ago when my foot hurt out of the blue, I’d never heard of plantar fasciitis. I looked online and the search terms I entered led me to conclude that nothing else caused the set of symptoms I was experiencing. I read and asked others for advise and my problem resolved.

Seriously? There’s exercise? God I hate my doctor. He told me my choices were, better shoes, injections or surgery. And considering the cost of orthopedic shoes, I’ve just been enduring the pain. I’m gonna start with the exercises and hopefully that’ll help.

We’re getting snow tomorrow just in time for rush hour!!!:D:D:D

See my post above: get the shots! Don’t suffer!

Dr. Scholls may be able to help. Not sure how to get an appointment. He has a kiosk at Walmart, though.:).
Seriously, do foot stretching exercises EVERY morning before getting out of bed. It helps.

I have PF, and I’ve done plenty of exercising and stretching and rolling of frozen water bottles under my feet. Nothing works.

I’ve been contemplating getting the shots, but I’ve heard they hurt like fuck. Can anyone rate them on a pain scale? A flu shot is about a 2 on that scale; what’s a steroid injection?

I used a golf ball; got a few from a cow-orker. Also they make a boot you can sleep in & I’ve seen PF socks as well, but can’t attest to how well they do/not work.

I had this once.

What fixed it was buying powerstep pinnacle insoles, and doing foot stretches each morning before getting our of bed.

I’d sit on the edge of the bed with one ankle sitting on the knee of my opposing leg, and then pull my toes back and hold for five seconds. I did this with each foot for about five sets, then got out of bed.

Of course I was in my 20s at the time too. The body is resilient at that age. I don’t know if that’d fix it for someone older.



I had it too. Along with gout in my big toe while my Wife and I where trying to visit pretty much all of the Smithsonian in DC. Lots, and LOTS of walking. The fasciitis clears up if you walk on it, but then gets bad again when you sleep. The gout was the real problem.

I ended up getting a night splint for fasciitis to wear will I slept - https://www.alimed.com/dorsal-night-splint.html?pid=90419&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2o_fBRC8ARIsAIOyQ-kvXEjlONnHIDNKI87zykuqxQed4sxtFqy1g9djdh7n_Wp1MZuNL_oaAiHuEALw_wcB

Now I had to wear it for about 4 months or so, but that was years ago and it hasn’t come back.

Good luck.

I had it for over a year. My doctor recommended the stair stretching exercise (ball of foot on stair edge). But when I saw the podiatrist, he unrecommended that and recommended the calf stretch (as seen here). That stretching plus orthopedic inserts completely resolved it for me, after a couple of months. I also used a night splint, but I’m not convinced it helped much (and the doctors didn’t seem to think it was too important that I use one).

HOWEVER, in my case the podiatrist deduced the cause was because my calf muscle is shorter than normal, which affects my gait, which stresses the fascia, which led to the inflammation. Stretching my short calf muscle fixed it for me, but if the cause in your case is something different than a short calf muscle, my experience may not apply. I’d highly recommend you get a referral from your doctor (GP I assume?) to a podiatrist.

I had a persistent plantar facciitis for a year or so. It was agony. I couldn’t even walk in the morning after getting out of bed and no stairs.

Stretching exercises and shoe inserts finally resolved it. My doctor was going to prescribe custom orthodics but recommended I try Superfeet before spending big bucks.

They worked for me and I can’t recommend them enough!

Stretching and foot protection will solve many cases, but you need to be consistent about it for a while before you see effects. Stretch before getting out of bed and several times through the day, make sure that you’re not walking around on hard surfaces with bare feet (bathroom slippers!), and take the NSAID of your choice before bed. Try that consistently for a few weeks and see if there is improvement.

Actually, one can go to a doctor for diagnosis AND continue to lay people. Unless the doctor prescribes “no sex”. In that case, change doctors.