Oh! That'll cost someone their job.

Just a bit of SDMB humour - you’ll see the cow-orker thing quite a lot. If I remember rightly, it started with a typo, but just seemed so appropriate it caught on.

Welcome, btw, and great username!

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, is credited with popularizing (but not inventing) the term.

When I was in college the top-notch staff of the campus newspaper did a front page article on how to find good deals for spring break in tropical destinations. They apparently were already on vacation because they neglected to proofread the headline which unfortunately ended up reading Sprink Break Deals. Now there’s something to show future employers with pride.

The part I liked even better was that when the ensuing backlash hit, the university-newspaper level editor printed a sob story about how desperately underfunded and poorly staffed they were. I read it as they were just too busy or careless to bother with such drivel as proofreading, as neither money nor staff were required when I learned to spell the seasons of the year in kindergarten.

Thanks for the patient explanation and for not sneering at me in return. There are SO many ‘in’ jokes here. I’m not sure I’ll be able to even catch them all. I must be missing a lot of humor as I read through these threads.

Thanks and thanks. Much appreciated on both counts.

There are those who wouldn’t go so far as to call in-jokes humour. Me, I like 'em just fine. They just need to be used judiciously. I think there was a thread in ATMB listing all the SDMB in-jokes at one point.

Thanks. I’ve read the Beginner’s Glossary at ATMB but this particular phrase wasn’t on there. If it’s on an old thread, I wouldn’t be able to find it since I don’t have search capabilities until I join. I really hadn’t realized how often I rely on search capabilities.

Oh yeah, no search for you. Well, you’ll just to have to buy a membership then, won’t you? :smiley: