Oh! That'll cost someone their job.

The University I work for sends out a weekly campus-wide newletter.

This week’s letter announced that the research campus will be renamed the Anschutz Medical Campus after Philip Anschutz because his foundation made a very generous donation to the facility.

The name was mispelled as Auschwitz ! :eek:

This guy funded the Discovery Institute! :confused: WTF?

Sorry about the double post.

When my daughter was in High School, there was a math teacher who was almost universally disliked for her superior attitude. This teacher’s first name was Trudy, but when the school paper ran an article about her, it came out as Turdy.

Most of the students had a good laugh, but the teacher ripped the journalism advisor up one side and down the other, and refused to be convinced that it was a typo.

Occasionally people “misspell” my name as Gewn. :eek:

Ok, I do it too, but it’s different when you call yourself a name.

So, she showed them, eh? :smiley:

My old company (very, very, very large and privately-held) did an almost entirely hands-off, ridiculously poorly-planned rollout of Microsoft’s SharePoint.

In the Wild West info anarchy that ensued (surprise!) someone loaded a Human Resources spreadsheet into the system and forgot to mark it as private. This was discovered when someone else ran a search using “confidential” as the keyword, and up popped the spreadsheet which contained, among other things: pay level, home address and social security number.

The person who loaded the spreadsheet was fired. Nothing else was done differently.

Mouse_Maven, you appear to have caught Wikipedia Overlinking Disorder (WOD).

I’d say it’s a good bet that 99.99999 recurring % of Dopers know what Auschwitz was…

You know, I can’t think of many names that could be more unfortunately paired with Auschwitz than “Philip.”

::looks at feet::
Sorry, I got you guys confused with some of my cow-orkers. I had to tell one of them what Auschwitz was. This person also didn’t know what “McCathyism” was. :dubious:

Is that when all the women become convinced their clothes shrank in the closest and have a peculiar habit of their sweat beads hanging in mid air around them?

I have coworkers like that too. No biggie - sorry for mentioning it. It bugs me on Wikipedia and my annoyance spilled over here onto the SDMB.

Wasn’t that when Cathy Guisewite hauled the chocolate and shoe makers of the world in front of Congress? :wink:

Damn, beaten by having to Google the writers name…

:smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

:o The “r” was there when I read it! McCarthyism!

“I have here, in my hand, a list of names of 27 people who have left food for over a week in the company refrigerator! This includes you, Mr. Pinkley! ACK!!!”

apologies to those who got the reference without the link

On preview, damn you bouv! And Cluricaun as well, plus anyone else who posts a similar joke before I hit the “Submit Reply” button…


You’re not fond of your co-workers, are you? Are you trying to tell us something about them?

The misspelling may not have been entirely innocent. Philip Anschutz is apparently quite well known as a right-wing Christianist nut.

My HS newspaper once had an article on how well the school’s “Breakfast with Satan” event was. Someone used the Find/replace function on the paper after the Principal had vetted the paper before it was sent to the printers.

Welcome to our new research center! We’re now focused on intelligent design and the positive effects of hard labor.

I hope they don’t make me take my cartoons down.