Oh the pain! I've lost the book and can't remember the title

I’ve been turning the house upside down looking for this great book I bought about 3 years ago, and it’s nowhere to be found. I guess I must have loaned it out, only I can’t remember doing so and can’t think of any book-loan-worthy people I know who would want to read it. Maybe the bookworms ate it. I can’t remember the exact title or the author, and I can’t find it on Amazon, which is kind of weird.

So. The book was in print 3 years ago. It is a fairly detailed history of London, starting with pre-Roman times. I’m not exactly sure when it finishes up–in the 20th century, but I’m not sure if it ends in the 60’s or 80’s or what. It had a black cover, and the front was divided vertically in half, with half being black and the other an image of Big Ben. The title is something plain like “History of London.”

It may be a reprint of The history of London by Robert Gray, but I can’t find an image, so I’m not at all sure. Somebody help me find my book! :frowning:

Could it be London, by Edward Rutherfurd?

Nope, it’s not fiction. Anyone else? Please?

How about Peter Ackroyd’s “London: A Biography”?

That looks like a good book, but after reading the excerpt at Amazon, that’s not it either. Mine started with the relatively recent Romans. Fooey. I’m very angry at myself for losing this book!

Could it be this one? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0520227956/ref=lpr_g_1/102-7575674-8318556?v=glance&s=books