Oh, to be in small town England ..

… on a Saturday night.

This was last Saturday. Fwiw I come from a small town originally and they are generally a bit punchy, though we didn’t have phone cameras then - in this fine example I like the baldy bloke wearing glasses who pops up periodically from stage right :slight_smile:

Happy days:

Gosh, it reminds me of Mayberry. I thought I saw Aunt Bee deck someone in there.

It’'s not quite Call the Midwife, is it …

These’ll keep your fingers on the pulse:


Well, it’s a 'spoons, isn’t it, what do you expect?

Can someone give a text-based hint as to what’s in the videos?

a massive punch up.

That isn’t a small town. It’s either a big town or a small city. Possibly a big city (Manchester, Liverpool, Brum, Newcastle) but if fights like those break out in big those cities, security would usually be in like Flyn. I saw no security there, so am guessing it isn’t in a big city. I’d guess it’s a town in south or west Yorkshire, or on the NE coast in Sunderland, Newcastle or Durham/Middlesborough, as it’s all fisticuffs and no knives or guns are present.

It’s Trowbridge in Wiltshire, population 33,000.

Also known as a barroom brawl.

Wow, it’s like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel.

You know, I really don’t miss working as a bouncer…

These blighters need to be listed in shameachav.com

When I worked as a volunteer cop, the standing rule for barroom brawls was “Wait until it’s over, then go in and arrest the winners.”

Security may well have been in like Flynn. The video is only 10 seconds long. It’s just looped.

The only guy who deserved a punch to the face was the idiot who filmed that *vertically *(really, people, it’s not hard to turn your phone 90 degrees…)