Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Pre-dawn, actually. Specifically, 5:45 a.m. I was walking back from taking the trash out, when I stopped, transfixed by what I saw in the Eastern sky: a sliver of a crescent moon, and above that, big Venus shining bright, and above Venus, small but sharp, Jupiter. About five minutes later, I shook my head in awe, remembered I had things to do, and went inside. That vision has stayed with me all morning, though. Boy, do I love this planet!!!

I saw it about that time too. The sliver of moon so thin and so bright, and you can see the rest of the disk, in shadow.

Lovely. applauds

We had a great sunrise this morning…

Morning…mhnfgfh…five more minutes…fdgerfs…comfy bed…grflbadoib…warm. :o

I’ve seen skies that make me want to make posts. But the street-rage on the walk to work destroys that will.