Oh, what a lucky man he was…

This guy who used to live next door to me. Some twenty years ago he and his family moved in. He was a longshoreman in Long Beach where we live. Top job too. Crane operator. Union official. He was he making what, two, three hundred dollars a hour? Truly hot, very nice wife. Two beautiful kids. The girl was duckling’s best friend for a few years. The boy could have been a longshoreman, great job, money, healthcare and retirement, but he didn’t want any part of it. We’re in nice but compact houses, and he took his dough and beautiful family to a higher priced neighborhood nearby. Big beautiful houses with no extra real estate surrounding them. I liked this guy. I liked his family. The kids were fun. I actually, truly envied this guy and his success. And they moved away and were gone. A few years later he retired. And I envied him. He was a few years younger than me, but by now, he would still have to be in his sixties. So, maybe a year or so ago, the missus runs into him, and he’s a physical mess. She thought, maybe cancer or something bringing him down. But yesterday the duckling connected with some old friends, which included the daughter, her ex-bf, and poor old lucky man has decided to spend the rest of his retirement with a heroin addiction. He’s divorced, and his kids are trying to take care of him. Holy fucking shit! You think you know someone. You think somebody’s got it better that you. That is one lucky guy, you say. Holy fucking shit!

Was his name Richard Corey, perhaps?

You never really know, do you?

Years ago, my late husband and I were going through a rough patch health-wise (his). Multiple surgeries, deteriorating condition, future not looking good. We got a card from an old friend of his from high school 40+ years before-- call him Bob. Bob was on top of the world. He had met the woman of his dreams and was going to get married. They were looking at houses, they were going to travel, his job was great, his health was great–everything was coming up roses. He didn’t lord it over us with all this news-- it just came out in his card because he was so happy. He had no way of knowing we were staring into a long, dark tunnel. We had been spending more time in hospitals than anywhere else. We wished him well, but damn, we envied him so much.

A couple of months later we got a call from another person in this group of high school friends. Bob had committed suicide. Needless to say, we were stunned. Apparently, his girlfriend had backed out of the engagement, and it plunged him into despondency. A week or so later, we went to Bob’s funeral.

You never really know. :frowning:

There’s a one in six chance…

Doctoral Theses and books are being written about the explosion in the heroin an opiate addiction.

But aside from what’s happening in this country in the last 20 years, it is certainly fair to say that you never know who around you may be hiding some very serious demons.

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Yeah, just look at the last week of threads right here on the good ol’ Dope!

Everybody has something inside…

Actually, I think this has been Beggar Week, not Opioid Week.