Oh where, oh where has Roy Firestone gone?

There are more than a few sports commentators that I find either unimpressive or just flat out don’t care for. An exception was Roy Firestone. The more I watched him the more impressed I became with his knowledge across many venues, his intelligence and his ability the get more from an interview than what was the norm. His interviews often brought out compelling elements of a person I might not have been privy to before. When he came on I put down the remote.

I used to see Roy on a variety of shows. Not to the point where he was ubiquitous but remaining a pleasant, interesting, informative presence. I realized recently that I’d not seen him in quite a while. Wiki and his booking agent suggest he’s popular on the talk circuit for corporations and still does a little commentary on cable.


From those sites, rearranged for brevity:

My question, why the drop-off? I like Roy’s style and wish he was more available through the conventional venues.

Did you read the interview linked at the bottom of the Wikipedia article? He’s just not interested in being tied down like that. He still does interviews, but he sings and does stand-up, and he’s got the corporate talks and the TV and online shows, and he is apparently making an excellent living and having a great time, performing in his own right.

No, I couldn’t as it’s blocked here. Thanks, I appreciate that, that it’s by choice and not from lack of demand or appreciation of his skills.

It’s still too bad though. The unique value and entertainment he provided before is now relatively unavailable. I frequent HDNet but have never seen him on. I don’t see any Face 2 Face episodes scheduled when I plug that into HDNet’s Search. Singing and stand-up? Few of us are with any of those corporations and frankly I would prefer the interviews.

He filled a desired niche. Now, for most intents and purposes, he’s gone. His choice but I miss his availability nevertheless.