Oh, YES! Thank you, THANk YOU, THANK YOU!!!

The corporate office recently decided to integrate a firewall to protect the confidential information of our patients from being hacked to kingdome come. There is also a content filter on our internet access.

As a result, I came in one day and found half of my bookmarks blocked by the filter for some of the most absurd reasons I’d ever heard. The online poker mags I read were blocked. “Category - Gambling.” A small, private board I belong to was blocked, “Category - Games.” Hm. Bizarre. There are games linked in the board, but no specific forum for games. Not a problem, the admin gave me the IP addy and we were off and running. None of these caused me much concern, I can live without poker til I get home at night, and our private board is small enough that I only check it once or twice a day. However.

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? Yes, you do. The Dope was blocked. For the most hysterical of reasons. You’ll laugh, I promise. “This site has been blocked by the administrator for illegal content. Category - Pornography.” It is to laugh. Actually, it was to scowl, muttering to oneself “That. Is just. Ludicrous.” I was merely annoyed at first, figuring I’d find a way around it, but none of the normal workarounds was working. Going from the home page, linking from email, pinging an IP, NOTHING!! I was frantic. I got zero work done in two days looking for a way around that stupid, stupid filter. Then I tried to bribe the IT kid downstairs (who is a good boy, if a bit of a goofball. He always comes to me with “Mo, can you tell me why my wife is mad at me?” questions) with snickerdoodles. Didn’t work. After a very distressing week, i resigned myself to only being able to access the Dope from home.

As for here…I got more work done in the past two weeks than I ever have. Forgive me, I even tried a different board. It was like lithium to a heroin addict. The one good thing about it; it really made me appreciate the people here. My GOD, there are some sucky boards out there! I had no idea how spoiled I was.

At any rate. This morning I was browsing Wikepedia and came across a link to the Dope. Main page and forums. More out of habit than really expecting it to work, I hit the link. SUCCESS!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Oh, it is GOOD to be home!!

Welcome Home! So, did ya bring us anything?

We’d thought you didn’t love us any more over at The Movie Game. :frowning:

Welcome back!

Soooo…you got zero work done because you were looking for a way to get to the site that causes so many others (myself included) to get zero work done? Oh sweet, sweet irony. :slight_smile:

humble pie. I doubt you’ll be hearing any complaints out of me about this place in the forseeable future. Those other places sucked.

Twickster, I missed you guys like crazy! And by the time I got home, I felt out of the loop, because you guys’ll eat up 20 responses while I’m here.

Maureen wandered the vast wilderness and all I got was this lousy post.

Were you promoted to Grand PooBah at the office for such efficiency?

Heh. No, but my boss now expects the same efficiency he’s seen for the past two weeks…

That’s been my opinion for a while. I wonder how many people who stormed off in a huff over the Recent Unpleasantness will find their way back, cold and shivering from the vast wasteland of internet message boards?

thanks for the Wikipedia linky idea…no Dope at my work, either…

Welcome back!

What Recent Unpleasantness? What did I miss, dammit!

Wait, so the filter was beaten just by linking to the site from some other domain? What a crappy filter.

Hmmmph, now you’ve gone and spoiled him !

Well heck, you’ve already figured out the solution I ran in here to give you. For me, these boards were listed under ‘inappropriate humor’ or something. I’d resigned myself to long, boring downtime at work, when I tried a link to a thread I’d bookmarked and sailed right in. Supposedly the best filter around and I got through because of a bookmark. Eventually I figured out the Wikipedia dodge, as well.

Of course, I still can’t pull up half the sites containing recipes for chicken breasts or info on breast cancer. Pornography! Since I teach art, you can imagine the fun we have trying to get images of any sort of artwork. Venus De Milo? Porn!

So exactly where did you find the link on Wikipedia? I’ve never been to that site before. Any info would be appreciated.

Of course it is. You never heard of double-amputee fetishists ? :smiley:

Nevermind. I believe I found it, but it appears not to circumvent the filtering: blocked for “web chat”.

What, you don’t remember the Great Goat Porn Scandal? Lotta hurt feelings, lotta people got banned over that. (Probably what triggered the filters, too.)

The Recent Unpleasantness - a Tale of Deceit, Treachery, and Licentiousness. (Not really. It just sounds good.)

Um, let’s see - TubaDiva got mad at a poster who was a pedophile and posted his personal information on a livejournal because it wasn’t the Straight Dope per se. Poster got mad, Tuba got her wrists slapped, many posters said Yay and Nay for what she had done, people got mad, people said they would leave because the Dope doesn’t value the privacy of our information or understand the seriousness of Tuba’s breach of etiquette and abuse of power.

That about cover it, guys?

Uh… Does this mean that we get to start posting pornography now?