Ohhhh.... Trojans! I get it now.

It seems so obvious, I can’t believe it never occurred to me before.

Trojans are people from Troy. Like Americans from America.

Up until a couple weeks ago, I thought a Trojan was a type of Roman soldier or something. They kinda dress the same, anyway :wally

What really obvious things escaped you?

firmware = somewhere between software and hardware

The SHL team in Georgia: Macon Trax.
Took me awhile of sounding it out. Then checked the logo. D’oh jeeeeeez.

The band Bad Company , it’s like undesireable friends, not like a company that’s bad.

The Saturn logo… our company sold them the controls for their grinding machines, so we saw the logo two years before they sold a car. And it took me til just a couple years ago to realize it was the planet Saturn…

That team used to be called the Macon Whoopee. I used to go watch them play the Memphis RiverKings when I was in grad school. Once, as a promotional thing, they gave away whoopee cushions to the first couple thousand people to get there.

5,000 drunks + 5,000 whoopee cushions = BIG FUN.

Wow. I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. I always thought it was a really poorly drawn “x”. I feel silly now.

:eek: :smack:

I did not know, until I read the previous edition of this thread, that “elbow grease” meant work. I thought it was a type of grease.



Which “previous edition” would that be? I’d like to read it. I could always use a few “oh, DUH!” moments.

Just this year, I had to have a friend explain to me just WHY the name of the company my grandfather worked for was so funny. I just never understood why people laughed!

That company?

Snap-On Tools .

Just a quick history lesson HIGH-JACK

In 1973, the Southern division of the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) broke away to become a separate league called the Southern Hockey League (SHL). A new team, the original Macon Whoopees (with an “s”), joined the SHL, but lasted just less than one full season. (The Northern division of the EHL reorganized as the North American Hockey League.)

The second version of the Macon Whoopee (without the “s”) joined the Central Hockey League (CHL or CeHL) in 1996 and played five seasons before joining the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) in 2001 for one last season as the Whoopee. Macon joined the new Atlantic Coast Hockey League (ACHL) as the Trax in 2002, but moved to the World Hockey Association 2 (WHA2) in 2003.

In April, a bunch of teams - including the Trax - decided to leave the WHA2 to join the new Eastern Hockey League (EHL). Then, in May, the new EHL decided to change it’s name to the Southern Hockey League (SHL), to distinguish itself from the ECHL. If Macon changed their name back to the Whoopee(s), then the circle would be complete. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here it is. There’s also this currently active thread in Cafe Society.

As an extremely casual hockey fan, I’m rather surprised at how interesting I found all that.

I didn’t know that either. I always thought that it was called that because the “firm” or “company” making the hardware is delivering the “firmware”. In other words, for my Philips DVD drive I get the firmware from Philips. Your explanation sounds more logical (at least to most geeks it does).

Bows and arrows: Until I was about 25 I thought the quiver was the name for the string that propels the arrow. I didn’t know it was the thing where you store them.

I thought you were talking about the condoms, in which case I hope you do get it. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I was all over this as well:

hiding your ‘soldiers’ in something innocuous and fun (like…a balloon!) and then at the least opportune moment, they al escape and wreak havoc. :eek:

More or less the entire song “Greased Lightning” from the movie Grease. I never understood how dirty it was until I watched it last year… “The girls’ll cream…” Yup. Never got that part, even though I knew all the words by heart, and have since middle school.