Ohio congressional candidate Jill Eaton Simms - eeeegads!

How did this woman graduate from college, despite writing this poorly?

I’m sure the picture of her with a rifle is being done to cater to her ammosexual constituents. And so far, her endorsement page is blank.

So, let’s see… Thinking for yourself is a sign that you’re not with the Party, and so she thinks for herself and is with the Party, and what’s good for the Party is good for the constituents.

How’s the situation in Eastasia coming along?

It’s Eurasia, and always has been. You have a doubleplusdefective memory.

I have often observed that elected office sometimes attracts a subset of people who are not otherwise employable - y’know, grifters.

Ohio hasn’t redistricted yet, so it’s impossible for her to know what the district (currently Tim Ryan’s) will even look like. And Ohio switched to some weird new process for redistricting this time that involves a bipartisan commission which can still pass maps on strictly partisan lines but then they’re only good for four years. I don’t fully understand it.

I hope all of the GOP candidates are as well informed and well prepared to serve in congress in the 2022 mid-terms.

She is shooting a bolt action rifle, not an AR-15. She’s not going to get any votes.

But doesn’t her “we can’t take lives that God has given” (paraphrased) run counter to her 2nd Amendment support? After all, she might have to kill someone coming in her house (although that person was once a fetus, and she digs those little guys).

And I know that I’ve already put more thought into her campaign than she has. But it’s Sunday night and I’m bored at work.

That candidate’s spiel looks like Trump himself tweeted…er, wrote it.

The endorsements page is incredibly honest: It’s blank.

There are candidates like this every year. In 2020, Oklahoma was blessed with this piece of cinematography (I don’t know if it ever aired on television or if it was just passed along online): Shelli Landon For Congress TV AD for June 2nd FriendsofLandon.com - YouTube

I also noticed she’s leaning back, like a newbie. Seasoned shooters lean forward.

I chuckled at this:

Protect 2nd Amendment rights! This was a right our forefathers gave us in the Constitution…

Our forefathers gave us this right? Um, no. True conservatives and libertarians believe rights are inalienable, you twit. Get with the program.

A campaign video from this intellectual giant. The first of three.

Huh, she speaks the way she writes. Must be part of her “normal bringingup”.

Under the new redistricting reforms, it looks like a complex process (with potential for legal challenges at multiple steps along the way), and if there’s still no consensus, then majority Republicans can do what they want, but only for four years. Sounds much less ideal than leaving it all up to a bipartisan commission.

There could be potential for splitting up this long-term Democratic district (it used to be represented by Sherrod Brown) among neighboring Republican ones, diluting out the impact of all those Akron-area Democratic voters (Ohio is losing one of its Congressmen). If the 13th District vanishes, then Jill Simms will have to peddle her wares elsewhere.

Being banned from social media is apparently a violation of people’s First Amendment rights, and is somehow a violation of election integrity. She even quotes the First Amendment to prove it!

Protect ELECTION integrity. This has been a big issue as we all know. Many of us have been banned on social media just for our opinions on the Presidential Election 2020. Which of course takes us to our first amendment rights. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Protect it I will and that includes our 1st Amendment rights!

Heh, it says right there, “Congress shall…”

Nothing about what Twitter shall.

From your linked video:

So, she’s uplifted by an alleged pedophile, and a confirmed Q-Anon sock puppet? No wonder why she doesn’t have any endorsements.

Yeesh, is this how train wrecks start?

She’s going full Yoda.

Never go full Yoda.

Maybe it’s full Yoda go never.

How do these stupid women rise to prominence? Funny how she hasn’t denied being a witch yet.

Spew nonsense, or spew nonsense not. There is no proofread!